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Thread: internal flights with guns

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    internal flights with guns

    Hi guys, had a couple of boys down for a go on the muntjac an we have been invited on the red stags and were thinking of flying up to glasgow to meet a lift up, what airlines (nothing posh) allow firearms on them..??

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    I've used both flybe and easy jet from Inverness to gatwick. Easy jet were a clear winner for me, no real waiting time to collect our firearms with them, flybe were a nightmare IMHO.

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    thanks lads looks like we will be flying this

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    Easyjet want you to take up as little of their time as possible and so pay the minimum of attention to any passenger, including one flying with a rifle. I've never had any real problems with them and because of their business model they want to deal with you in a very short time so if everything is in order their interest is over. You'll probably have to put the rifle through outsized luggage and that will take a few extra minutes but beyond that I've always found them fast and painless. It has been a little while since I've flown Easyjet with the rifle.

    Flybe seem a bit more of a pain about it when booking and they want all sorts of forms filled in and so on but I've actually always found the people on the ground to be just fine. I often fly in and out of Stornoway and it sometimes seems like there are more people on the plane with guns than without so I guess the staff are well used to the process. In Glasgow and Edinburgh some of the ground staff can be a little more "jobsworth" in their approach but they have their job to do and no one has ever been obstructive, they are just busy.

    If you are meeting connecting flights then it is worth leaving yourself a little extra time. Luggage at Edinburgh always seems a little slower than Glasgow anyhow but if there are a few people on the flight with rifles and the handling agent wants to check all the details and there is only one person doing this the process can take a little while. Also if there are several flights in at the same time and the firearm needs brought in to the handling agent's office then it can be a while before there is a baggage handler free to do this, as they are dealing with the main luggage off all the flights, so the rifle can take a while to appear.
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    East jet are very good but as I found out they do not have the last say, I checked twice before departure to the correct procedure .Ammo they said was fine in your carry on and were prepared to let me board but the airport authority said that it must be in a locked metal box in my hold luggage . As my luggage had already being taken my ammo was confiscated by two police with machine guns. I collected them on return again being escorted through the airport by the police.Rifle was no problem,

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    If you're flying out of Stanstead be prepared for a f*** about factor. I may just have been unfortunate, but I had a hell of a time when I flew out to Estonia. Dealing with the airline (Easy Jet) was a doddle, it was the woman on the secure check in desk who did her best to ruin my trip, and succeeded in part!
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