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Thread: Mange?

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    Would my more learned friends be able to help me with confirming whether the two foxes I shot this evening were just starting to shed their winter coats or whether they have mange?

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    Oh dear, but thanks, that would make sense.

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    +1 You should probably be looking for the dens.

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    Yep.cubs for definate.

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    As above - cubs. Don't forget though, that it is highly unlikely that they will be left to fend for themselves - most mother vixens will not venture above ground until after the cubs have weaned - they will also have the dog plus one or two 'helpers' - typically sisters or daughters, supplying food.

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    Thanks gents and Paddy for the reassurance!

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    looks like there here again then, early as usual, i have only had dog foxes last couple of weeks, seems a tad early, but mother nature knows best , can't hold back time or tide as they say.

    They look in good condition though, apart from the obvious additional recent ventilation

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    Yep, cubs for sure!

    This fox was shot on 20th March, 10years ago and her cubs were already venturing above ground so it's not really early- just within the normal range. It was my first fox with a rifle, first fox at my first ever shoot and is framed in my kitchen lol
    Was the first cubs I ever killed too- never a pleasant job

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    In milk, had the very same last night, Mike had been thrashing the bunny population on our new bit with the LR & had the frustration of seeing those headlamps pinching fallen bunnies before going out to pick up, my first visit yesterday to erect a high seat, for the centrefires, was topped out with an early bath after a good bag full of bunnies.
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