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Thread: Pheasant Rearing gear

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    Pheasant Rearing gear

    Looking for heaters/brooders ,Drinkers,pen sections. anything considered ....

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    How many you rearing?
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    Got rid of all mine a couple of years ago and have so much more time and no headaches far more time for other activities rearing is a huge commitment dont do it
    if I hear of anything I'll ping you .

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    alas i have 4000 coming home in 5 weeks for the first lot
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    We've got incubators/hatchers for sale, ones a western tb4 with matching hatcher, plus a smaller incubator/hatcher, can't remember model.
    Also some old electric hens and other heaters, probably some feeders and other hatching bits and bobs too.
    If it sounds of any interest I can dig through the sheds and try and make a list up.

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