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Thread: new gralloch methords

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    new gralloch methords

    thought i would be the 1st to post these new gralloching methhords which im sure will me a massive hit it england

    what do you rekcon

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    I've seen better!!!
    An axe! Hell, why not just get the chainsaw out and be done with it!
    Please don't try this at home! There is no need to expose that much meat at the back end by cracking the pelvis in the field. Pulling a knife through the sternum like that will one day result in stabbing yourself through the heart! Please use a 'pull saw'. You might also want to have a look at what you have removed to make sure the deer is in good health!
    Our cousins across the water may have different standards than us.
    Let's maintain ours eh?!

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    ''Best Practice'' I think not!!

    Ray Mears can chop wood with a hatchet resulting in less damage than this man is causing with a knife .

    Each to their own I suppose!

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    I shut down the link when he started with the joiner's hammer, I did think it was a cracking demo on how to risk cutting yourself, although his knife was about as much use as a chocolate fireguard anyone think they could get more pins into the job? Steve.

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    Priceless I was amazed at his gralloch but you have to go on to the skining process what presentation.

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    C'mon guys, I think you are being a little cruel . The preparation was perfect, I went on to part two and he didn't know whether to use the axe or knife for the chest cavity.

    And it is obvious that the oesophagus in the good OL US of A is a windpipe in our country.

    We do have our differences and they can keep theirs.

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    I must get that guy to sharpen my knives for me


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    Well I hope he's making that video for last resort survival, because if that's his idea of genuinely processing a carcass he needn't ever apply for a job with me!!

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