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Thread: Claw mounts on rails

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    Claw mounts on rails

    I was wondering if any of you use the integral rail mounts for scopes - particularly, the rail with claw feet.

    And do you use them with what bases?
    I am specifically interested in fitting a scope like that to an older German claw mount base, and figured this might be a better method than fitting a couple of rings with claw feet.

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    I have a drilling and this has a s&b scope with rail. The front of the scope has a ring around the front that has a claw mount and the rear has a claw mount attached to the rail. The bases come as standard with a drilling. I think claw mounts are expensive if you can avoid them but do return to zero every time when I take the scope off.

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    I already have the bases for the conventional, narrow claw mounts on my 1927 Sauer 20/7x57R.
    I thought that I might find a used scope like yours, or straight tube, and find off-the-shelf claw feet to fit my bases.

    I have the older claw mounts on a 7x64 Mauser with a Hensoldt scope and on a 1903 Springfield with a vintage Zeiss. They are strong and do return to zero. The same was true for the 16/
    8x57JRS I had.

    While I am at it, I must put in an endorsement for other QD systems which are quick and return to Zero:
    Steyr pivot mount
    Warne Premier QD
    Paul Jaeger sidemount
    Griffin & Howe side mount
    HK G3 Claw mount

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    I like the hk made MP5/G3 mount works well and i still have one with the pic/weaver rail fitted onto it but sadly not rifle for it to go on .

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    Can you get the GSG MP5-alike in .22 LR over there? If so, snap it on that baby.

    I have one HK with rail for a 10x mil dot or a red dot, and the other with the original Hensoldt 4x ranging scope.
    The irons are dead on to 400 meters, then the scope comes on after that.

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    I have a Zeiss with rail mounts with claws that goes into a German claw mount. To my mind one of the best type of mounts you can get.

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    Can you find ready-made claw feet to fit old bases?
    Do they come from the scope manufacturer, or a second source?
    How much honing and fitting do they require?

    I feel comfortable doing this sort of metal work myself, up to a point. I file and hone dovetail rear sights, fit front sights, grip caps, butt plates, cartridge traps in stocks, etc.

    If I have to machine a set of feet onto a raw ring on a block, then I will have to send my gun to Dietrich Apel and his German gunsmiths, who are 1,000 miles north of me, and wait a month or two. But they are very good at this.

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    Southern have a look at the Recknagel catalogue, they sell claw mounts. I'm not sure how much fitting is involved as most claw mounts were pretty much gunsmith made and not simply purchased stock items.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Yes, I have a Recknagel catalogue, that and some old Zeiss for sale, gave me this notion.

    I have bought several rear sights from Recknagel and fitted them in the past, and will buy a folding leaf sight for a 1930s Mauser, and a set of front and rear for a 7x64 I am building ( all together and shooting in an old stock now without sights) while I build a new stock in classic style.

    I know the older, conventional rings with claw feet take a good bit of hand fitting, and sometimes machining before that.

    I think I will drop them an email with photos and measurements of my claw mount bases.

    Thanks for all the input. This is a great site for information on drillings and combination guns from owners.

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    Southern - have been through this process and done the research as I have a1-4x20 I want to fit. Firstly measure up the slots on the bases:

    Option 1: reknagel claws may fit - they make them to a few different widths and you are supplied with a blank that you can then fit. The front hooks will need honing to a tight fit, rear will need a slot cut for the rear latch. The feet may also need bevelling to fit. It will help if the rear is a two pice base with lateral adjustment. Reknagel quoted me a couple of years ago about 120 for blank rings that I could then fit to the bases on my gun.

    Option 2 - get some ultra high Leupold double dovetail rings - or similar from really good steel. Then cut your own claws onto these.

    Option 3 - start off with some bar stock, cut claws on one side, and then a longways dovetail to take a rail if on the scope, or cut a sideways dove tail on the upper side to take weaver type rings.

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