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Thread: Timber Supplier for Rifle Stock Blanks

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    Timber Supplier for Rifle Stock Blanks

    I am planning to make a rifle stock.
    Can anyone recommend a reliable source of air dried Walnut please ?
    I have a very nice piece of Elm, but have never heard of a stock made of this wood, and I am rather doubtful of it's stability for this purpose. Has anyone any experience of this ?


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    If it's Walnut there are these people in Istanbul who advertise on BritishBlades who might be worth asking. I think they also advertise gun stock blanks on eBay though I can't see any items for sale at present.

    British Blades :: Custom Knife Making

    I have no connection with them, but their feedback looks okay.

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    These people might help.

    Laminated Blanks

    Home page is here Richards Microfit Gunstocks and I can't see a lump of wood being a "firearm component" to cause export problems?

    I also have (somewhere) the link to a Eu supplier which I will post if I can find it.
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    i have bought stock blanks on ebay from turkey and each time it has been good value no trouble shipping ,i have a made shotgun stock from elm you will find it rubbery to work to let locks in it takes stain well ,there are some nice stock blanks on ebay at the moment.

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    Thanks everyone.

    I've seen the Turkish ones and they look very good, but I was hoping to find a UK supplier if possible.

    Bruce : I know what you mean about elm and it is difficult to get a really fine finish. I think there is a reason for walnut being the traditional material.


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    Mike Linguard in Friockheim, in Angus specialises in gun stocking. He could be worth a try via Google as he does keep a lot of walnut blanks in stock. Sorry I don't have a phone number.

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    thesmi on airgunbbs sells blanks. In Harlow.

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    A lot of cheaper stocks were made of beech at one time. I am sure it may not be what you want but might be good practice for a first go.


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    Elm is a difficult timber to bring to a high luster if that is the desired finish. However as far as stability Elm is a very stable timber. It is however quite abrasive and tends to blunt an edge readily. I'd try and bring a bit upto your desired finish and see if you can get what you are looking for.

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    Thanks again for all advice.
    I'll check out both references suppled.
    Woodmaster : I agree about finishing Elm and have decided to rule it out. The figure is lovely but the finest finish I've achieved is not really suitable for this application.

    I probably should have said that although I've never made a stock, I'm a retired furniture maker and have plenty of woodworking experience and workshop facilities. I'm at present watching You Tube videos on stock making. Chequering looks challenging !


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