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Thread: optilock ring hight?

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    optilock ring hight?

    Hi, I wanted to put some optilocks on my sako but am a little un sure of ring hight, the scope is S&B 8x56 Any one know which hight rings I will need?

    Thanks John

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    I needed 30mm medium for mine.

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    Long action 75 wood blues? 1" scope

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    Not sure in your case, which model of Sako? I have a Sako A11 standard Sako rings would not take anything bigger than 6x42 fitted a 3x10x50 and needed high optilocks for the objective end to clear the barrel, trouble was the comb was then to low needed to get a comb riser to bring eye in line with the scope, eventually got it sorted but it would have been a lot less trouble to stick with the 6x42 which was perfectly adequate for stalking purposes.

    You may have less trouble with some of the more modern Sako's 75 or 85 not sure.

    Should have said I also needed to grind a couple of mil from the bolt lever as it fouled the scope when it was drawn back, not a lot admittedly and while its fine now I could have done without the hassle.

    While there are several types of comb riser on the market from simple rubber ones and stock pockets to take different sized inserts, to adjustable custom jobs, I found I needed to experiment quite a bit with different hight risers to get it just right.

    If you post the actual model of Sako someone maybe better able to advise.

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    Model sako 75 IV

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    Quote Originally Posted by john444334 View Post
    Model sako 75 IV
    You still haven't given your barrel profile.

    My guess would be you could get away with low but this will depend on your barrel.

    I use ex low with a 56 scope on one of my 75's but it is very tight.

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    sound like wood blue standard barrel

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    Quote Originally Posted by john444334 View Post
    Model sako 75 IV
    I use ex low on same rifle 30mm tube and 50mm obj

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    Ooops sorry I did not read the post correctly you have a 56mm scope, My scope is neat on ex lows.

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