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Thread: nightforce nxs 5,5-22x56

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    nightforce nxs 5,5-22x56

    Hi all, is the ch2 recticle ok in low light or lamping without the illumination on.

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    Hi Swaro,

    I had a 5.5-22 x 56 but with an R2 (ladder) reticle. On lower power settings it was ok at low light but not in the same league as the better German glass. The ret was very fine and without the illumination switched on it was poor when lamping. It was fine when illuminated though. Also when using in day time, if the light was poor, the ret became less clear. I also found it very fussy to achieve best eye relief but that was probably just me. However for accurate shooting in good light it was good and the target turrets were very accurate and repeatable. I still have a 3.5-15 x 50 on a 243 and find it much more user friendly than the 5.5-22.

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    One reply , only one nightforce user

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