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Thread: 308 for an awkward old g@@

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    308 for an awkward old g@@

    I am hoping to be able to look for a new rifle this year and would like opinions off the great and good on the site
    i shoot from my left shoulder however I am right handed and shoot a r h now but for safety and ability to shoot better from sticks want to go leftie
    not loking to break bank thinking sako price bracket or slightly higher

    thoughts sportsmen

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    Never a popular answer to a Leftie request, but how about a Savage? I have never seen one that would not shoot small groups. Some of the high end (walnut stocked, checkered) savages are quite handsome as well as accurate. Take the rest of that SAKO money and put it into glass.~Muir

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    For what it's worth I am a Leftie. Tikka offer a very extensive line of Left Hand Models with their T3. Very good Rifles too. Blaser, Savage, Sako, Remington are all worth a look. Opinion is divided on Remington but I never had one that did not shoot. The CDL Model to my Eye is very Pretty. If I were looking for a new Leftie Bolt Gun now it would be a Cooper. They are exquisite and are available to order from Fox Firearms.
    Good Luck with your choice. Looking for a new Rifle is always a pleasant Quandary to be in.


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