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Thread: Veg oil fuel

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    A good useful link there.
    Gents its got some mixed views on the landrover Td5 running on Biodiesel on one of the threads. I wouldnt run one on it until my mate gets back to me with some more info

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    Well I contected Isuzu, as I bought last year in June a spanking new Rhodeo crew cab denver max LE. And with the pro drive pack. Isuzu UK tell me it will not run on Veggie oil, only with a 5% mix, so its not worth buggering around with

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    That's what ya get for being a flash bugger Sika.
    If you had a beat to ***** 1993 Mitsubishi Pajero, you would find that it runs rather well

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    my hilux is running like a dream on it.50/50 at the moment until it the weather warms up.

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    Not flash just the accumilation of a great deal of hard work and a few gambles in business over 20 years

    I had a grey import, some years back bloody good motor. Now I am getting older I need a bit more comfort, and I decided to push the boat out and treat myself Still gets deer thrown in the back, and the dog and all the other crap, and tows the quad.

    Pity about the veggie oil

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    Yeah try as I like I still get snot and blood all over the back of the truck.

    I now take a dettox spray with me and give any blood stains a quick blast. It really does help keep the car from having the "SMELL OF DEATH" lurking in the carpets. Nothing worse than rotting blood, apart from rotting bloody TROLL

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    Now now Poddle common sense has prevailed. I am sure you will get another chance at some Troll hunting. It is bound to return, its a bit like a fart in a space suit, unwelcome and a job to get rid of

    But I think we should move on

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    Yes unfortunately the newer common rail high pressure systems don't like veg oil or bio diesel to much, shame really as in trying to engineer an engine which is low in emissions, the manufacturers have almost ruled out engines which will run on sustainable fuels

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