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Thread: Sauer 202 or Blaser in 243

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    Sauer 202 or Blaser in 243

    Thinking of getting rid of my Mannlicher Pro Hunter. Floppy stock version!!

    Thought a step up the ladder would be one of the above but cant decide which one, they both have good write ups.

    Going to look at a 202 in Richies in Grantown on Spey once the snow clears. And Maclouds as the R93 outback.

    Any of you lot want to give me a nudge!

    Looking for a synthetic and want to fit a good mod.



    I have already looked through the old topics and still need a push!

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    If I had to choose between a modern Mannlicher, a Sauer and a Blaser I'd take the Sako every time. JC

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    Nice choices, best subject to start a row I can think off.

    I have had a 202 (Elegance grade) for quite a long time, it is a fantastic rifle. If I have one criticism of it, it is that the forend is not as stiff as I would like.

    If you only intend to have the one barrel, the Sauer might be the way to go. It takes down for travelling very well and will be significantly cheaper than the Blaser, particularly for scope mounts etc - Warne!

    That all said, I have just traded my Sauer in for a Blaser Luxus and ordered a couple of barrels. The Blaser is easier to use as a change barrel. The cops here seem to be more relaxed about adding a barrel or two to an existing Blaser than they are about extra standard rifles so I have decided to go this way. Time will tell if this was a good idea or not.

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    addictive stuff, sadly not mine

    2 of the best - go for the blaser

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    Both nice switch barrel rifles.

    If you're going for the R93 I would go for the professional over the off road, the stocks are nicer in the hand.

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    Hi Martin,
    I own two Sauer 202's. I love them, but being objective I have this criticism. It's a bit of a pain to fit a bipod to the 202, as it doesn't have a standard swivel stud. To fit this requires a hole to be drilled right through the forend, as there is not enough meat there to screw into (this voids your garantee). I made my own stud with a metal thread and nut rebated into the inside of the wood. The wood is thin as a long allen type key is inserted from the front of the fore end to unscrew the wood from the action. The fore end wood is therefor hollowed out.

    In every other respect a great rifle. I love the safety catch, others hate it.

    There is another quirk of the 202 which I think is an accident of the design. For climbing into a seat or crossing an obstacle it is possible to do the following:-

    Put safety to fire. Lift the bolt, then re-apply the safety. The bolt will now slide back, but not far enough to eject the round onto the forest floor, snow or stream. Once back on safe stable ground the safety can be put to fire, the bolt slid foreward and closed and the safety put back to safe.

    I'm sure Sauer didn't plan it this way, but it's a handy tip.

    Enjoy the choosing proccess.


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    I have a 202 outback in .308 and it really is quality in every respect,
    and I have a Blaser R93 off road in .243 which is also quality in all departments. Purely personal preference on what to go for I say. Get the best you can afford and see if you can try before you buy.

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    Held a Sako 85 synth/st/steel today...what a smart little piece of kit!
    Away to fondle a 202 the morn.

    Thanks for all the info so far.

    Keep it coming.

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    I have a 202 Elegance. Personally I think the safety is excellent, easy to use yet very difficult to accidently knock it to the fire position. That and the fact that it was available as a left hander were the main reasons I bought it. The forearm is thin and a pain to fit a bipod to. I also machined up a threaded stud and fitted it to allow fitting of a bipod. Other than that the rifle is a pleasure to use and shoots very well.
    I have no experience of the Blaser but i'm sure you would not go wrong with either. In the end go for the one you feel comfortable with.

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    Well thats it!
    I have gone for the 202, synth/fluted barrel and going for the North star Mod. I hate having to stick a mod on a nice rifle but I value my hearing too much.
    Thanks for all the help lads.

    Wish me luck.

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