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    .17 Fireball

    Got quite a result yesterday on the bunnies with the Fireball, haven't got one head in the rubbish bag this morning , didn't take long to find the reference point in the reticle, for hold under on those sub 100 yarders, still using up a few Remmy factory rounds, they have been very accurate, up there with the home loads since I had Mike Norris true up the crown, point & squeeze out to 220 Yards & a real hard hitting fox round with absolutely no worries on pass thru's.
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    yes a good little calibre the 17 fireball. would have still kept mine if it would have mag fed.

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    You had trouble with cartridge feeds?

    I found that cartridge stacking is very fussy, I assume it's down to the action not being dedicated to the mini sized rounds, if you are slightly forward when stacking they will not go up the ramp at the correct angle to chamber cleanly.
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    I had a 17 MachIV (what Remington pirated the Fireball data from) back in '81 and I liked it but for the miserable feeding. I finally modified the magazine and follower so that it would work... then I sold it. ~Muir

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    You actualy SOLD a rifle?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sikadog View Post
    You actualy SOLD a rifle?
    I was young and foolish back then.~Muir

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    I wouldn't be without a 17 centrefire now. I find shooting rabbits through the neck makes for a less messy job

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