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Thread: Sako 75 bedding

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    Sako 75 bedding

    Morning campers some may know that i have been on the path of a custom build for a while and the choice was to be a 6.5x47 Built on a sako 75 III ss. action .
    So with that in mind i started to find the parts first the search for the rifle i took longer that i hoped for! i finally found one at the shooting show on an old pals stand Francis Lovel and well under the going rate as it turns out.
    Next was the Builder it would turn out to be Gavin at ANGLO CUSTOM RIFLES would be the chap to do the job and i must say if anyone wishes to get stuck in and see how its done he is the man as he is very embraced in what he likes to do and he don't give up at all ,in my case the old 22.250 barrel just would come out he trashed one barrel vice and the chuck jaws on the big bench vice but to his credit he was able to get it out. As another builder states its not a dark art but you need to be able to think on you feet and understand how and why.
    Next came the stock by way of a member on this site a cracking walnut one and i must say it will be my first for a hunting rifle .
    The barrel is Bargara 25.5ish fluted lightish varmint type a tad on the heavy side for me but the build was also to be able to use this on the range out at 1,000 plus yrds.
    It still is't finished yet to look at and the mag needs to be reworked with the floor plate and spring needing cutting shorter and a spacer made to the rear of the mag.
    The stock needs swivels and refinishing and stripping out the stain in the stock as it was't sealed and needed to be before i could use it in the field .
    Gavin then informed me that the dovetail mount on top of the action were found to be out true hight by 10 thou from one to the other and the Recknagel rail mount to be used would't fit, so he then had to mill off the amount to allow the mounts and rail to fit without arching and being out of true. Looking on the sako owners site seams to common fault my thinking now it this is why they use the plastic rings inserts allow the scope to find its own line of sight!. Now some pix
    Attachment 39287Attachment 39288Attachment 39289Attachment 39290Attachment 39291Attachment 39292Attachment 39293Attachment 39294Attachment 39295Attachment 39296Attachment 39297Attachment 39298
    top left to right the stock being prepped and sized,the stock being setup in the drill-mill to center and zero the post's ,drilling the post holes,play do time .after the metal work has been given a good going over with the wax to allow ease of remove'l later on,then its putting bedding compound on parts that needed to have it so no air gaps are there after it sets and a good bed of compound is allowed to set,then the stock is also filled with the bedding and the two are placed together the bottom melal work was also bedded then after the bedding started to go off all the excess was removed and the wood was cleaned so just the action had the compound and no over spill was to be seen . Lastly a bedded rifle waiting to fully cure for 48hrs then it will be separated and back to the mill for trimming up inside the magwell and other inlet places the the compound has got into.
    it was far more involved than this as for the turning and other skills that are needed, but thats why i had it done my a gunsmith/builder and not by me a telecom and motor Engineer .I can't wait to have this rifle in my safe and be able to hunt with it, Its going to be one of them rifles you keep for a very long time . Glass next the thinking behind the rail is two scopes one for range mil-dot and one for deer/fox .
    Big thanks to Pierred who put me on the track to Gavin at (Anglo C.R.).
    atvb Paul.
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    I think thats going to be a very nice useable rifle , well done so far,atb doug,

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    Nice write up mate. look forward to seeing it.

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    SEEING IT feller you can play with it if you wish the rifle before anyone gets finger happy !! after me that is hopefully next week end i will have it in my sticky paws.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul o' View Post
    SEEING IT feller you can play with it if you wish the rifle before anyone gets finger happy !! after me that is hopefully next week end i will have it in my sticky paws.
    sounds good mate

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    looks very nice paul

    this is something i have thought about on the 20 tac but it shoots so well as it is i have not bothered with it, the new to me 6mm br has had it done and it shoots like i want too.

    cant wait until you have this done and ready to show us all.


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    thanks feller next week should be able to do some finished pix.

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    Looking good Paul. Get some targets up and show us what it can do. I'm about 6 months behind you at the moment, but we need to get out to 1000yds at Bisley some day for a play
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    Would love to feller i have got my certs to play on mil ranges so no worry's on the score

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    What accuracy are you expecting at 1000y? I have a sako 75 6.5x47 but have never tried it that far.

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