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Thread: Sako forester valuation

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    Sako forester valuation

    A friend of mine,after shooting the rifle,would like to purchase it. It is a Sako l579 forester in 308 fitted with early b&c stock,tally rings and rail,timney trigger,leupold 3-9x40 euro (30mm),screw cut 15mm spigot,target crown. It shoots really well and made the potential buyer a better shot than previously assumed which is the main reason for him wanting it! So what's it worth please just on the off chance that he cannot have it?
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    Hi mate
    had one in 243 while living abroad if it's in good shape I reckon about 500
    quid for the rifle on its own
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    In seriously good condition, rifle only 500, even if you only got a couple of years out of it, then you rebarrel it. This is seriously one of the finest actions to have if you want to build a truly good custom rifle, have used all the original action lengths to build rifles and love them.

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