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Thread: Severe Weather Stalking

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    Severe Weather Stalking

    For the past few years I have went up to David Browns land in Inverness-shire at least twice a year to stalk. I had a very successful trip to the Stags this year and had booked for the first week of the hinds but had to go to hospital for a minor procedure so had to cancel. I then went back to Rome for a while so thought that was my chance gone for this year. When I got back I saw David had an ad in the Late Availability section for short breaks. Can I say what a good service this is to unite stalkers with opertunities. I wasted no time to pnone him and book a trip.

    I arrived at his forest gate on Monday after travelling 250 miles on quite good roads to see half a meter of snow on the enterance track. David had cleared a small area to park and helped me carry my kit the 800m to the cabin. After settling in we walked along the forest road with snow up to our knees and in the first clearfell what a sight. David had strung up several feedblocks from trees as he says if they are left on the ground the badgers lick them then crap all over them and the deer wont touch them. Every block had several deer round it with Red and Sika hinds standing near each other. We left the road and walked through Spruce trees where the snow was less deep to an area of re-stock. I lay down on a pile of old brash above a 10hectare area and in less than 5 minutes saw a group of 14 hinds and calves walk out of a thicket into the open. I picked out a grey looking one and dropped her with a heart shot. With my .243 now moderated and with all the snow around the report was very muted. I was able to shoot her calf and another yeld hind before the rest moved off into the wood. Recovery was a bit of an effort but the deer slid easily on the snow.

    The next morning I went out and shot another two before leaving the rest of the day to the deer. Sadly with the wildfowling ban I couldnt take David up on his offer of a goose flight so had to content myself with just watching and listening to hundreds of Greylags flying over from the Estury. What an experience.

    I have to thank David for yet again hosting the trip and also this site for the continued support and information on stalking in the UK. You dont know how lucky you are.


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    Nice write up fab2 and a great result bagging three before they made it to the woods..

    Ive spoken with David a couple of times and he seems a great guy..

    Im hoping to travel up and meet him this year..


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    Nice going and a very well done to David for the hard work to make it so.

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    Severe Weather Stalking

    Thank you PS1 and Brit for the comments. Yes Terry , David did mention that you had spoken to him but he was unfortunatly booked the week you were up. He has done a lot of work in the forest this year and the careful management of the deer over the past 6 years means there is a lot of top quality beasts here now. The open , broken areas of the forest give very interesting stalking and I am shure you would love it. On the day I left I saw some excellent Red Stags and a few Roebuck with a bit of growth up top already. I have a photo of a medal quality animal that I took last summer from the cabin window. He is still here and I hope the bad weather doesnt inhibit his antler growth this year. All the best to everyone. Fab2

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