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Thread: 6.5x55 Steyr Mannlicher MIII Pro

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    6.5x55 Steyr Mannlicher MIII Pro

    Up for sale is my Steyr Mannlicher MIII Proffesional in 6.5x55.

    I suppose I have to admit I bought this rifle on a whim as as I have had a number of SSGs and really like them and it is in a caliber that I have wanted to try for a while.

    I bedded the rifle and reduced the flex in the stock using the ballistics studies kit. I can safely say it now shoots better than me. I can see now it is a rewarding caliber to reload for and very accurate. I have also moved the sling swivel stud from the end of the forend back 1.5 inches so you can use a harris bipod with it. I used the Harris no.2 adaptor and set the flange nut into the epoxy on the inside so it won't be coming out! The selling point for me was that the rifle does not seem to have done much work at all. The barrel is in very good condition as is the rest of the rifle. A few blemishes to the stock which are purely cosmetic of course. I would describe this rifle as an all weather, reliable and accurate workhorse!

    I am including the set of Apel swing off mounts in the sale but not the bipod or scope. I have had them on and off the rifle during testing and zeoring and they have a very positive and tight lock which means they are in good condition and correctly set up and this was confirmed by printing a the same POI every time I shot the rifle.

    Rifle and Apel mounts 650

    Also in for negotiation are,

    RCBS Full length 2 die set

    Lee case trim tool

    3/4 of a tub of Viht N550

    370 140grain Hornady SSTs (3 sealed boxes and one open box)

    50 PPU cases (stamped PPU)

    100 NNY cases (stamped NNY)

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    which model is this?
    It looks like an ssg,but not heavy barrel,and not a pro hunter?

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    Quote Originally Posted by adrianevo View Post
    HI which model is this?It looks like an ssg,but not heavy barrel,and not a pro hunter?Thanks Adrian
    As in the title! MIII Professional. They are basically the SSG69 in sporting calibers and in a slightly more 'sporterised' stock. I think they are also a bit lighter than the 69 (The 69 (PI) is not a heavy barrel). If you like SSGs as I do they are well worth looking out for. They don't come up all that often.
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    Rifle still available. Reloading bits are in for negotiation. Scope is also available for negotiation at the moment if taken with the rifle. This might change if it gets mounted on another rifle in the next few weeks.

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    Took the rifle with me on a trip for Muntjac this week and more of them saw me and got away than I spotted and got a bead on! The ones that I got the crosshairs on didn't get away though. It doesn't weigh on the shoulder like other rifles I have had before and having firmed up the stock and bedded the action I have just as much confidence in its accuracy as any of my SSGs I have had before it. I will probably use this one until my new rifle comes. Not a caliber I want to stick with though and it has to go as I need to cover the costs somehow!

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    If the bedding/stock is putting people off then I have access to a used stock in good condition (few minor scratches) or even a brand new one!

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    I might be interested - some questions

    are the rings 26mm? All my scopes are 26mm

    what's the barrel length?

    Any idea of round count?

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    Rings are 30mm but replacements for apel are quite common and I could probably get hold of some for you.

    Barrel length is about 22.5inches.

    Round count. I have no idea. The story I was told goes that the previous owner had it from new and took it to use on the running boar at Bisley once or twice a year. The crown is good and the rifling is clean and sharp and it shoots very well. Its in good overall condition. I'd say it has done very little.

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    Thanks. I was hoping for 24"/600mm as my tikka in 20" is barely deer legal for reds in scotland with 140s. I'll have a think.

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