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Thread: 6.5x47L Tikka 595 Macmillan stock Spartan mod

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    6.5x47L Tikka 595 Macmillan stock Spartan mod

    For sale my Tikka 595 rebarreled by Steve Kershaw 11 months ago, specs are
    Tikka 595 action (blued action)
    LW Palma taper 1-8 twist s/s barrel threaded 14x1 with 11 degree crown finishes at 19mm on the muzzle, (bead blast finish) 22" from bolt face
    Macmillan sako 75 varmint stock (has Karsten cheek piece fitted) green,grey, black
    Trigger has been felted and is very nice for a standard tikka trigger
    30mm optilock bases and rings included (blued)
    Third eye Spartan moderator
    Just over 100 lapua brass of various firings 20+ still not used at all
    Forster ultra die set which consists of fl die and micro top seater

    All the above is in good condition and the rifle would of done no more than 350 shots in total shoots nice groups but never tinkered with it to much found a load early that was ample for my requirements I'm sure the rifle is capable of more with a compendant reloader, especially as I was struggling to get hold of the powders I wanted to try,

    Can email pictures on request and RFD transfer can be arranged at buyers cost, please only ask for pictures if you are serious about the rifle, please note the scope and bi-pod are not included in the sale but will be in the photos if you request them

    Price reduced to 1050 for all of the above

    Advertised elsewhere.
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    Dont be us yours, you know photos always sell stuff !!. Good luck with the sale.

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    LLooks pretty tasty!

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    See what I mean, that looks epic.................not much left of the original Tikka 595 and she shoots as good as she looks, good luck with the sale. Cheers Bob.

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    No takers on this? Would consider swap for some decent glass! Please pm me,

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    IMHO this is a lot of gun / kit for the money , unlike some of the stuff advertized here.

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    PM'd an offer for you to chew on!
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    Had a quick chew and pm'd you back


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