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Thread: What size dog box for an ESS?

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    What size dog box for an ESS?

    I have sort of "inherited" a young Spaniel, and I need a generic dog box that's capable of being used in a couple of different vehicles.

    What I am wondering is what size I need? I am looking for a single box and don't envisage it ever needing to house two dogs.

    The spaniel in question is a bit of a Heinz 57 and has some Cocker in it, so its on the small size for an ESS or the large size for a Cocker, depending how you look at it!

    As one of the vehicles it will be used in is a Jimny (with the rear seats removed) so I am wondering what the minimum size I could get away with? I am thinking 30" long x 20" wide x 24" high?

    The dog would not be in it overnight, just mostly a couple of hours at a time.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Get 1 box to fit both cars and big enough so the dog has plenty of room even for over night stays.Due to getting an other car I have bought a lintran dog box a few months ago with plastic sides and a mesh top .The dogs travel better with plenty of air flow around them
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    Get the biggest box you can fit in the car. It's like gun cabinets.

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    As above, get the biggest one you can, and if possible a good quality one. I have a Trans K9 which I bought second hand, the service from the company for spare keys etc has been brilliant. Other good ones that I know of are Lintran and CAB - but there must be others as well. One of the reasons to go for a good quality one is they shield the dog from Sunlight, Onlookers, Are more secure, and in my experience the Boxes are usually quieter inside the vehicle.

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