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Thread: Rifle sleeve for rocky ground ?

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    Rifle sleeve for rocky ground ?

    I recently had a day at goats in County Clare. Crawling across the limestone pavement, and on the rocky hill side I came to the conclusion that I needed to keep the rifle in a sleeve that was fit to be dragged across rock. In addition in some of the scrub a sleeve would have been a disadvantage. So the question is does any one have any experience of a sleeve that will stand up to abuse but is relatively easy to carry when not in use ? The rifle has a moderator, and I think that a bipod would have been an advantage in this case , although I have little experience of them.



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    You could try one of the loden sleeves from Lodel Friedl. They go over the rifle and button up, using the rifle's own sling.

    They are made to measure, so you can specify them for moderator and bipod if you wish. This is a picture of mine. It is shown against my .308, but it was measured to allow for a bipod and moderator as well.

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    Have you looked at the Napier Razorback Stalker Ion?

    I too wanted a decent slip that would be waterproof, robust and comfortable to use when needing to carry over distance (one of my permissions has a public footpath I need to use when transiting between areas of ground). Researching the options, the Razorback Stalker appeared the best to me on paper and I ordered one. It arrived this morning and on first glance/use fit the bill perfectly and includes a 5-year warranty. I will however reserve full judgement until used in anger, probably the week before Easter. The cheapest price I could find was via eBay (I had the last green one):

    I hope this is of some help and best wishes with your search/decision.

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    Have a look at Tacfire Systems | Specialist Rifle Equipment the blackhawk Condor bag is a good padded gun slip .

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    Tried and tested, I have one that has taken a right beating but is still in good order and the rifle has had no damage.

    AIM 50 Tactical Dragbag

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    Thanks for the info. Quick question - do the drag bags fold down to something that can be carried comfortably at the same time as the rifle ?
    Willie Gunn - I suspect that a loden slip might get flittered by the blackthorns, but I like the idea.

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    i got of these a simple elastic weatherproof silent cover fits over rifle uses own sling. Very cheap from bushwear saves my guns from scratches, mud and heavy rain takes seconds to remove and folds into a small fist sized bag.

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    I use a sleeve like this Napier 5734 Protector 4 Rifle Slip Green : napier 5734 protector 4 rifle slip green
    When I decide to take the rifle out of the sleeve, I can fold the sleeve up and strap it onto my rucksack. I've dragged a sleeve like this 5-600yds across a wet moor and I don't think the 'ruck sacks' listed above are any good for manoeuvres like that. Ideally the sleeve should have nothing that can catch on heather or rocks. I tape all the metal bits up so they don't rattle.



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    Quote Originally Posted by ion View Post
    Thanks for the info. Quick question - do the drag bags fold down to something that can be carried comfortably at the same time as the rifle ?
    Unfortunately not as such although I do at times carry my rifle on its sling and my dragbag on its ruck-sack straps and it's fine.

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    Carrying a sleeve may be complicated as I should have mentioned that I am I an habitual rucksack user. I just put it on the scales - 13 lbs - but that does include a spotting scope and some duplicating/triplicating of kit as I was taking out friends of the landowner . I have a nice Brady type sleeve which I used hind stalking in Scotland, but in this case although it wasn't the abrasive granite of Wicklow the limestone pavement has a lot of sharp edges. Its hard on body and kit ! My next outing probably wont be till autumn so I'll try to handle some kit over the summer.

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