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Thread: Sako 75 stainless 6mm ppc

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    Sako 75 stainless 6mm ppc

    sako 75 calibre 6mm ppc usa plus redding competition sizing die and seating die and body bump die and shell holder plus 42 lapua cases 850.00 plus rfd fees
    Great overall condition few small marks on stock but saying this a great chance to own the rare 75 6mm ppc
    More pic can be supplied if needed
    Pm me if you are interested

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    Now that's tempting.
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    nice rifle, i have one. rebarrel in .22ppc. yes very tempting. perfect fox and roe rifle. oh. i have plenty of sako new 220 russian brass. which you can expand the neck to 6mm and fire form = 6mmppc.
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    I'll have this if it is still available

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    Yes stillavailable
    regards mark

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    PMd you with a couple of Qs, but I'll take it.

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    I had one of these I very much doubt you'll be disappointed. They are stunning.

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    Same thoughts here - i owned one as well , 1 in 12 twist barrels so you can load those 80-85 grainers for deer legal too!!

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    Good catch - the most boring rifle I have ever used!!!

    Seemed as though all you had to do was wave it in the general direction, and a hole appeared - precisely where you wanted it to!

    A classic - was this the mag version or single shot model?
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    I sent a PM on 21/04/2014, asking if this gun was still available, and that I was interested.
    I have had no reply and yet you have just answered another person stating that it is still for sale. ?????

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