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Thread: Pick up as a main car

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    Pick up as a main car

    My current volvo estate is about to die some time soon after 14 years service, so I am looking to replace it. Been doing the rounds of estates, 4x4 etc. Currently really liking the latest Subaru Forester. I went to have a look at the new Outlander, however there was no demo vehicle, but Mitsubishi had a L200 demo so I took it out anyway. It did drive like a truck but tbh my days of thinking the roads are set up for fast sports cars are well over. I did really like it though. It must have appealed to the Inner Teenager.

    I have 2 growing boys with bikes, camping stuff, surf board etc. Wife wants a dog. Apart from so so fuel economy a pick up is starting to look like a good idea. I don't need it for work or building renovation etc. However, being salaryman I won't be able to claim any vat back on it. I may need the 4x4 bit for carcas collection/extraction.

    I would appreciate some thoughts on living with one as a sole vehicle (apart from the wives mini which would struggle to cart a Muntjac around!). The Tesco shop looks like it would be sliding all over the place in the back!
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    Unless you really need a 4X4 a smaller estate car or even a van would be much cheaper to run. Although it would mean more walking or a quad to help with extraction. If you can afford it the L200 or a new ranger are comfortable enough to drive all day. You could get a canopy and boxes for storage in the back and a roof box too.

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    If your an NGO member, they are sorting out cracking discounts on ford ranger and focus.
    I know someone on here that joined the NGO to get the great deal on a new Ranger and he loves it.
    I have a 2010 shogun with all terrain tyres on and it's great at getting across fields and very comfortable to drive on the road, it's noisy engine wise and not very good on diesel but does seat seven when you need to take the family out. mine has a huge sunroof that I use for foxing out of. I was always told that the 200 was not a very good engine.
    hope this helps
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    I drive an Isuzu D-Max Utah manual as my work/daily driver/jack of all trades. I would drive it in preference to my wife's X3. It has more room, better more comfortable seats, a lazy torque rich engine that will pull any gear from 3rd to 6th at 60. I replaced a Toyota Landcruiser with the pickup. I thought I might regret it in time but the reverse is true. After 16,000 miles I still look for excuses to go for a drive in the truck. A modern pick-up is a totally different proposition to the old Hilux's of the 80s-90s when it comes to comfort and stress free travel. I've done a few 1000 mile weekends and can't think of anything more comfortable than the big heated seats in my Utah except perhaps a dDisco /Rangie and they cost 3 or 4x as much.

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    my day motor is a 3lt ranger and have no probs with it . heated seats air con happy happy

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    I have had a few pick ups now and although my 03 plate L200 is in the garage I still love and I have used them as the main car for work and family.

    If your going for an L200 or any pickup however I do suggest that you go for one with no minimum than the 175 bhp ones,
    (finally a subject I can trully help with) The reason for going for this size as the L200's older models are only 113bhp and they are useless on any hills.

    Her is my advice and dependant on your budget , If your going for an L200 then it has to be a warrior or a Barbarian post 2010 models purely for the confort factor as if it is going to be the main vehicle then you will need it, Always buy one with the hard top and if your planning on putting dogs in make sure it is one with the side windows that open (this goes for all pickups)

    But if you have a reasonable budget and you like your toys here is my list of preferred pickups that really can be a proper family car, best starting first.

    Toyota HiLux Invincible - comes with satnav bluetooth the works brilliant allround vehicle and clearly the best on the market,

    Mitsu L200 dimonique (auto), Barbarian or warrior- has some great toys and very stylish I prefer the ones with the longer flatbed.

    Nissan Navara - Over priced and useless for towing but a great family vehicle and has the the best legroom in the back and really comfortable, major gearbox and transmission issues that they still havent properly fixed think it is to do with the torque, this is also probably the quickest and most powerful of all on the market.

    Ford Ranger - brilliant vehicle and heard nothing but good things about the new one but boxy and very hill billy redneckish I like em tho

    Isuzu Rodeo - good offroad but clumsy around town.

    VW Amarok - now I am not sure about this one the price range is roughly along the lines of a top of the range pick up but jury is still out on this one , been told mixed stories had a shot the other week and felt the clutch was way to light and very hard going on the ride of the machine.

    The reason why I really like the L200 is out of them all the L200 is the only one that wont mind being driven in 4x4 mode for long distances and can be driven up to 90 mph in 4 wheel drive all the rest really dont like it if there is too much traction. But like I have learned these past few days it is like buying a new rifle go what you feel comfortable with , as for fuel economy well thats easy they are all about the same, however, when towing the HiLux and the Navara use the less fuel but the Ranger is a far better towing machine and work horse but offroad nothing really can beat the HiLux except a trust Landy

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    Isuzu have a special edition coming out called Blaze, it's a D max with lots of spec and the price is not mega stupid. If your in BASC you can discount on a new one and 5 yr warranty.

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    I have an l200 ,have had it 4 yrs super truck and have used it daily as main vehicle all I say is MPG !

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    +1 on the L200 they're brilliant vehicles.

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    I have a 2010 L200 Warrior with a hard top with side windows. It is very comfortable and returns 31 mpg measured from fill up to fill up.
    I have not done any serious off-road with it as the current tyres are unsuitable. It copes with muddy tracks, stubble fields etc. very well. Good for carrying dogs, kit, carcasses etc.

    Excellent for family weekends away as it will carry all the gear. Mind you a good clean out and new piece of carpet in the back is always necessary before the approval of the Chief Fairy is granted. Two weeks ago we even took an assembled cot away for the weekend.

    A bigger vehicle than I would ideally have but I will not be changing it anytime soon.

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