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Thread: Hodgsons Vargret

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    Hodgsons Vargret

    Does anyone have any that they would be willing to part with or know any suppliers with any in stock preferably in Hampshire?



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    Good luck, I was told by a trade supplier that they had been told Next year.

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    think you have more chance panning for gold try vv140 nr same burn rate

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    I've got to agree with Paul, no one seems to have any. There powders out there like N140 and Ramshot Tac which will do a similar job. My personal preference is check out the vhit powders!

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    ive got loads of vhit 140 here and i will poist
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    What's your price posted spud?

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    well its 75 per kg

    if you order 1-5 kgs ill charge you 30 postage i cant get round that

    if you order 6-11kgs ill charge you 15

    if you order 12kgs or more ill post it free

    i have a bout 20 kgs here atm
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    Got the last tub of varget from my local dealer last night, he says he wont get another shipment till early nxt year

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