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Thread: Methods for skinning/ preparing munties

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    Methods for skinning/ preparing munties

    Do you guys have any shortcuts for skinning/ preparing munties

    Do you discard the front half for instance
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    Why on earth would I discard the front half? There's a lot of meat on the shoulders, and on the buck, there's something like 500-700gr of meat on the neck alone. But they are tricky to skin, especially around the shoulders. You need to be careful skinning the shoulders as it's easy to follow the wrong muscle and end up detaching the should from the ,ain body.

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    noooooooooo don't discard anything lol, skinning just either hang up and skin like that or on a cradle which ever you prefare, i like to hang mine and use a small knife for skinning. all my meat gets used i like the necks and trim for stews and slow cooking haunches i like to marinade in red wine garlick and veg for a few days and roast the lot. or cut into steak. the front legs again in the slow cooker and any trim i just mince down for burgers you will be amazed how much you can get between ribs and things ,atb wayne
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    Tough as old boots better to skin when still warm, I'd rather do a bigger species than a munty any day .i guess thousands of years living in thorny bushes has made their hides tough for a reason ! Shot my first chinks a bit back and they were the easiest deer ive ever skinned

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    plus one for doing them while still warm other than that just get on with it as normal , it's got to be skinned after all !
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Try using a nylon or hard plastic scraper instead of a knife when skinning it makes it easier for me

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    Anybody tried compressed air on a Munti?Wf1

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    Yes only once - oil from the lubrication system tainted the meat but it kind of worked but not so well that it was the answer to the problem.

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