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Thread: 87grains for 243

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    87grains for 243

    hi can some one give me a load for 87grain heads with varget in a 243 please

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    Gav, 38gr Varget using 87gr Barnes gave 3100fps ,a good accurate fox round and was deer legal from my rifle.

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    My Sako Varminter [1 in 10 twist] shot cloverleafs with 46gr of Viht N160 and Remington Std primers out of RP brass with the 87gr V.Max. bullet.

    Hogdons state a max. load of 38.5gr of Varget for the 80gr Sierra bullet, using Std. Winchester primers. [ Reloaders manual of 2002. ]
    15-20% reduction in powder would probably be sensible as a starter for 87gr bullets.

    I have never used magnum primers in any of my .243 rifles.


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    87gr vmax with 37.5gr varget, CCI BR, COL at 68.7mm.
    Works in the 243 remmy.


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    I have used the Hndy 87gn HptBt - NOT V Max, in several .243's over the years with excellent results.
    I used 40gns of H380 and a Fed Mag primer, the brass has been whatever was at hand at the time.

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