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Thread: chinese mandarin duck

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    chinese mandarin duck

    Have just come back from a weekend away at symonds yat with some freinds . We went for a bit of canoning down the river wye and i counted at least 10 mandarin ducks in a 7 mile streach of river . Also at home i have seen them on the river teme . On the RSPB website it puts the population at about 7000 in the uk . I think there could be a few more than that , has anyone else noticed there presence ? The RSPB: Mandarin

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    Saw them regularly in both Berkshire and Derbyshire

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    We see a few now. On the river, flight ponds and this year on a peat pond on the moor.

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    On one of my shoots in East Sussex there are a few pairs mainly in the little ponds in the woods, really lovely birds.
    I have been seeing them on and off for about 10 years, although not so much lately.

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    We have lots of them on the pond in our back garden. We've bred quite a few over the last five years or so.

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    Plenty flyin around the new forest along with wood ducks.

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    Been seeing them for quite a few years did not think that they were that rare!

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    We have several pairs on our flight pond

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