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Thread: 8X51 Mauser?

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    8X51 Mauser?

    I once had this great idea to neck up the 308 to 8mm and discovered it had been (or rather the 8X57 shortened to 308 length) many years before. I still believe it has merit and am wondering if anyone has any experience with this cartridge?


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    It has been done, of course. Here is a very detailed article by one such wildcatter.

    The .338-308 cartridge has more loadings out there, which will give you an iidea of what to expect.

    But you are better off with an 8x57IS. More powder, better match of case size to bore volume, about 100 to 150 fps more speed with tons of known and proven recipes.

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    Bak when I first thought of doing this I was caught up with the moniker 8-08 for my version. I figure modern powders would allow me to come close to the 8x57 in perfomrnace and do it in a package that will run in a short action.


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    Forgive my ignorance but what would an 8x51 do that a .338 Federal or .358W would not?

    (Unless you just want something different then go for it!)

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    Nothing at this point but there are certainly a lot of other calibers that do not provide any advantage over others. Besides, when I first envisioned this there was no 338 Federal only the rarely heard of 8X51 Mauser....

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    Quote Originally Posted by MARCBO View Post
    Nothing at this point but there are certainly a lot of other calibers that do not provide any advantage over others. Besides, when I first envisioned this there was no 338 Federal only the rarely heard of 8X51 Mauser....
    I see, well, let us know how you get on!

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    Just get a Browning BLR Takedown in .358 Win with an extra 7mm-08 barrel and you are set to travel and hunt.
    The .358 Win is a hammer on big deer, bear, pigs, and a great woods good. Very accurate rifle, the BLR.

    If you can't let go of the short 8mm notion. Get the BLR in .325 WSM.

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    I had a 358 WIN in a Ruger 77R about 30 years ago . It was okay but it never grew on me so to speak . I also had a pair of Marlin 336ER's in 356 WIN which are the same thing pretty much with a rimmed case and I actually liked them especially with home cast lead bullets .

    I did the 338 Federal in a TC Encore and while I liked the cartridge quite a bit I am not a Encore person .

    The 8mm-08 has intrested me for awhile now . As has the 8mm-06 , I've just never bothered to build either so far !

    Nothing personal but I find the Browning BLR's a little clubby . Once upon a time I thought a pair of BLR's would be the perfect North American battery chambered in 270 WSM and 325 WSM . But after playing with a scoped BLR or two I quickly got over that idea .

    I did however have a Winchester Model 70 synthetic rifle in 325 WSM that was a very nice shooter after I put a RifleBasix trigger in the gun . Seemed it liked the Nosler 180 BT quite a bit .

    After having owned a pretty decent number of lever action rifles over the years I gotta say the Marlin 336/444/1895 action guns feel very nice in my hands . Whereas I cannot say the same thing for the Winchester 1894 , Savage 99 or the BLR .

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    I am a Marlin lever gun fan. It is neat to have a .22LR in 39A, a .336 full rifle in .30-30, a .444 with 24 inch barrel. Now I just need an 1894 in .357.

    They are all easy to carry in the woods. So are the Savage 99 and BLR. The 99 with the round bottom really fits in the hand. And both of them are strong and accurate.

    The 8mm-06 is a whole different ball of wax than an 8mm-308, or a .358 Win. It has the powder capacity to match the bore. I own five or more 8x57s, from 1888 to M48, plus sporters, and an 8x60S. A 195-gr to 200-gr bullet at 2,500 to 2,650 fps hits hard at 100 yards, and at 400 yards.

    To me, the reason to build something like these, or buy one, is the rifle itself. You might find a WWII bring back, engraved 8x57, 8x60S, or a ream out job to 8mm-06, which can be bought right, refinished, reblued, and own a thing of beauty which would be unaffordable today.

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    I do like the look of a BLR. I sometimes wonder if a BLR in .358W or .338 Federal would be a good driven boar / woodland stalking rifle.

    Fast handling and good bullet using a fair bit of mass. Quick second if you needed and with enough thump for boar and big deer but not going so fast as to smash up roe / munties... Hmmm... project...

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