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Thread: Credit where due

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    Credit where due

    I just wanted you all to know what a top bloke Dominic (Cry Havoc) from on the forum is. Dom is a skilled butcher and he came over tonight, from work and gave me a one to one lesson in butchering a red hind I brought back from the lakes. He demonstrated and talked me through the process of each cut boning and rolling. Before today I'd just gone off YouTube videos and I'd been a bit rough.

    After a couple of hours I asked what I owed him and he refused to accept anything so I'll be taking him out on my permission stalking. He was telling me that around November/October (TBC) he will be doing a demonstration/teaching session for the BDS open to non BDS, there will also be gralloching and inspection.

    I'm sure he will add to this post and if others need help he will help out.

    That to me is what this forum is about.

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    Hi Carl, no problem it was a pleasure, if you ever want some refresher training let me know? The key when breaking the haunch down into primals is take your time and use you knife as little as posible, as with so many things, you can do most of the work with your fingers....!

    When I know more details about the Carcase Handling and Larder Day, I'll post something on here to guage interest. If there is enough, we might run it over a Saturday and Sunday.


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