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Thread: Muntjac Ireland / N. Ireland

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    Muntjac Ireland / N. Ireland

    Every other month or so, in an idle 5mins, I will google muntjac in Ireland or northern Ireland out of curiosity. I know an older thread here on the Stalking Directory, pointing to munties around the Ards Peninsular and Armagh area, will pop up in the results but not much changes until recently I found a comment where the expert being interviewed suggested that muntjac which now appear to be taking up residence in N. Ireland were likely to be the result of escapes from private collections.

    Does anyone on here know if there are captive muntjac in the province? (outside of Belfast zoo maybe)

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    Yes those elusive muntjac! They are supposed to be in east and west wicklow and down into wexford. Havn't seen one yet or know of anyone who has shot one. The wild boar are far less elusive with several being shot every year. To complete the list of exotics, a roe deer was killed by a car in the border counties last year. I was talking to a chap in work from one of the wildlife ngo's who was asked to identify it. There seems to be some folk who are dedicated to adding to Ireland's mammals. Strange that they all appear to be legitimate hunting quarry!

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    A Roe on the Island! That's a new one!

    I can see how some people might want to introduce non-native deer to Ireland but the practicalities in obtaining and transporting a live animal without drawing attention are a bit tricky unless you are dealing with hand reared 'pet' deer. I could see how someone could possibly trap a muntie and move it from one location on the island and move it to another without a great deal of problem but Roe are a whole different issue! - Though I suppose it could be possibly to bring an orphaned Roe over on a ferry as a kid goat / miniature goat without raising questions at the ports-especially if it were between the mainland and N. Ireland rather than Eire as it wouldn't technically be seen as a different country. - Or maybe its not tricky to move live animals between UK and Eire anyway??

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    there are trailer and lorry loads of sheep moving from ni to scotland every day, as well as lorry loads of lambs being brought through NI to be slaughtered in the republic to be sold in france as 'irish lamb' it would be easy enough to have something else hidden in the load lol, although my own feeling is they travel in transit vans !!
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    i hunt all over armagh i live in south armagh and never seen muntjac deer and i keep a good eye out ,plenty of big red stags up my country shot a young stag the other night...

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    I think there were some captive muntjac and certainly CWD in Co. Down.
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    Quote Originally Posted by caorach View Post
    I think there were some captive muntjac and certainly CWD in Co. Down.
    Chronic Wasting Disease?

    Cheers Sharkey

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    Quote Originally Posted by sharkey View Post
    Chronic Wasting Disease?

    Cheers Sharkey
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    I'm with Sharkey....I can never see CWD without seeing it as Chronic Wasting Disease...must be reading US hunting magazines

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    I think that Ifor Williams has a lot to do with it not escapees from private collections. Roe were introduced to the ROI before, there was a release at Lissadel in Co. Sligo, they were famous for a high incidence of malforms and eventually died out.

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