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Thread: Supporters club Swazi Jacket free draw

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    Supporters club Swazi Jacket free draw

    I don't know if you recall a few weeks back I punted the idea whereby members could pay 6.00 per quarter (>50P per week) and join a section of our online community that would be giving something back to the site, by way of funding for the bursary, also included in this deal would be the inclusion in a free draw. This would mean that the income from the subscriptions would be divided between bursary and draw, with the majority of draw items being purchased from site trade members, a huge dose of satisfying nepotism. This would not mean that these supporters would have anything extra over other non supportive members, other than the draw entry and the knowledge that they are helping newcomers.

    I thought it was quite reasonable, then the comments started ranging from "good idea", "worthwhile cause" to "I'm not going to pay to be a member of a website", "this means that x amount of thousands of pounds will be made by admin". What it did show is that the vast amount of people replying to the thread had not bothered to read the first post but had picked up on the negative part and posted about that. The SD lynch mob was in full cry, again.

    Well silly old me thinking it was a good idea went ahead with a bit of forward planning and after speaking to our friends at Swazi I am now in possession of three Wapiti jackets, each resplendent with the SD logo. So now the problem is what to do with the jackets. Do we go ahead with the supporters club idea, which means the first three months would be a jacket per month for the draw, prizes thereafter would depend on subscriptions made, or do we try to come up with an alternative fund raising plan for the jackets, what do you think?

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    6 per 1/4 with a swazi jacket drawn per month, plus supporting new stalkers.............who and how do I pay?

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    Sorry John, I ddn't see the original post, but for what it's worth I think your idea is worthy of support - i'd happily pay to be included in a monthly draw.

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    I always thought it was a good idea. Alternative I guess would be a one off raffle type draw rather than "subscriptions" etc and when they're gone that'll be the end.
    However, I like the subscription idea with repeated draws better, so sign me up either way.
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    I also thought it was a good idea and would gladly sign up for the subscription so I say give it a whirl and see how it goes. After all the nay sayers can just choose to keep their hard earned in their pocket and us that are in will have a better chance of winning!!!!

    No buttons, stars, badges, etc, against the names, just the inner satisfaction of giving something back.

    Although I'd feel more confortable in a SD badged onesie rather than a Swazi!!

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    Another "count me in" here John

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    Id be up for it. 6 a 1/4 is nothing, I cant even get two pints in my local for that money!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlasdairM View Post
    I cant even get two pints in my local for that money!
    That's what homebrew was designed for! I can do 20 pints for 6!!

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    John I was one quite prepared to pay for the enjoyment that I get from the Stalking Directory, but if at the end of the day you decide to use these jackets for fund raising can I be a bit cheeky and get in first with a polite request that you might like to donate one for a prize for the H4H event.
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