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Thread: Help with zeroing (Kent/Sussex/Surrey).

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    Help with zeroing (Kent/Sussex/Surrey).

    Dear all,

    is there someone in the Kent/Sussex/Surrey area with an open ticket and land cleared for .308 where I could come and shoot 6-12 rounds to confirm a zero?

    I donít want to pinch your deer, or in any other way take the piss, I will turn up with everything needed (surveyors tape, targets, boards etc). I will fit in with whatever time constraints you have, and my work is pretty flexible so I can do weekday mornings and evening as well as any time at weekends.

    Obviously, unless you have a formally registered range then I canít offer you money, but I will happily donate something to a charity of your choice, or fix your computer (or both). Not sure if thereís anything else I am particularly well placed to offer, but if someone is kind enough to help me out then I will do whatever I can to maintain the goodwill!


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    Bisley isn't a million miles from you and there's plenty of 308 cleared land there!!!

    There are also military ranges in Hythe and Lydd that a couple of clubs use.

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    I could, and very possibly will at some point, as I do have shooter certification for Bisley - but, for me that is pretty much a whole day out (which would be fine) but with a new baby (4 1/2 months old) I want to save my whole days out for stalking.

    Last month I went for a stalk with sikamalc, and we (he mostly!) pretty much got me there with the zero, but I had some problems with the eye relief on the scope and some of the ammunition I'd assembled wouldn't chamber properly. I've now sorted the scope (had to turn the front weaver base around to move the scope about 2" forward) and the ammo, and just need to check where the zero is - if I'm lucky it won't have shifted when I re-positioned the scope....

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    A very decent member has made me a provisional offer. I'll post again if for any reason that can't happen.

    Very many thanks to him, and to SD once again.

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