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    Roedale moderator

    I am after a moderator for my .270 and have been offered a brand new roedale mod for 160. Appologies if this has been covered before.

    But they any good in terms of noise reduction compared to a wildcat pred 8 for example

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    That's a very good price. I would think that the noise reduction would be about the same.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    I think the Wildcat definately has the edge over the roedale in noise reduction (but not weight), but I'll be selling mine soon (not a P8, its the older 300 which I think is quieter but less fancy) for a 2nd Jim Baker Marauder mod for my 308. I also know a guy who has a marauder on his 270 and it's very good.

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    I have just got a roedale to replace my 308 cal mod that was on my old 243. and i am using it on the 6mm br, sounds about the same as my A-tec that is going but the weight saving is immense.

    my roedale is a end of barrel mode and they will in general sound louder than a reflex type mod do to the different ways they are constructed,

    im very happy with it, just need the a tex cmm 6 to go so i get my slot back,

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    Thanks People , i'll give it a try then. I'd expect with it being lighter though it will not reduce the muzzle flip as much as a heavier model?

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    Price isn't everything. Roedale's reputation couldn't be much worse.
    I wouldn't touch it.

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    AU-SL5, click on the url below and see one. Regards JCS
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    Had a look at a roedale today. Looks nice and compact. What complaints have people got about them? I was told you could get a titanium baffle for them. Perhaps this would reduce gas cutting if placed first in the row of baffles?

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    I have about six Roedale moderators in use and am happy. I used to fit the mods with the first two baffles in steel, however replaced them with all alu since a few years. Recon they'll last as long as a barrel.
    The all stainless or all steel mods were slightly quieter to the ear. I prefer as light as possible. I mainly use a very early prototype that weighs 175 grams with 5 baffles. perfect.

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