I've got an arrow on order so whilst I'm waiting for it to land I thought I'd make a start on making an extendable butt for a spare synthetic stock to accommodate the extra relief needed. The stock has some adjustment, but not to increase the length of pull. I didn't think I was up to crafting as elegant solution as some of the designs I've seen on here (one less charlie??) but I thought something along the lines of remove the butt plate, put a spacer between butt and plate and fix in situ would suffice - luckily the butt plate has a metal plate on it so it will be solid enough to bolt to. In order to put the whole thing together, I bought some M8 stainless allen bolts and some M8 threaded bar connectors. I drilled the stock to accept the threaded bar connectors and then seated them with epoxy resin. I'll have to wait till the arrow arrives to cut the spacers but i think it'll do the job.

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