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Thread: Good fallow buck.

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    Good fallow buck.

    Shot this buck last week, a misty morning it took me an hour or so of creeping about to find him and another 10 minutes on my belly to get to safe shooting position. A good heart lung / shot at around 120yds with the 243 and factory Norma 100grn sp, he turned and made a good 50yds before going down. With the stomach out he went on the scales just shy of 170lb. This is a good head for my area, most bucks round here tend to be knarly and fishtail / split as soon as the palms start to form.

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    Nice animal really good looking .

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    Nice one to get shoulder mounted if you are that way inclined.

    I still kick myself I bled my good fallow buck as per usual by sticking it with a knife, only afterwards I thought about the shoulder mount

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    Superb animal, congratulations!

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    What a cracking buck great head !

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    Cracking buck mate.

    Well done



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    Well done, nice beast, Waidmannsheil!

    Still missing on my list also...
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