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Thread: Shooting Test & Questionaire ?

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    Shooting Test & Questionaire ?

    Was wondering everytime you apply for land through Forestry Commision or Scottishwoodlands or Tilhill are you required to do a Shooting Test and Questionaire? as i already have DSC level 1&2, just got ground from one of the above and it was like going through your DSC level 1 again, Shooting 3 shots @ 100yards, 2 @ 70yards kneeling, 2 @ 40yards free standing + 50 questions+ Health&Safety, just wanted to know your thoughts? got the ground ok and looking forward to Stalking over it,
    your's Wullie.

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    I have/had leases with Tillhill, Fountain, Aspen Forestry, and Marchfield Forestry none of these require any test other than having your Level 1. I am not sure bout Scottish Woodlands.

    Sounds like to me you have got a lease though FC, I heard that they were talking about a test for your deer dog as well when you take a FC lease, and unless you know the right persons I bet you are paying top dollar as well, not bad for ground we as the tax payers already own.



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    Hi thanks for the reply, i must know the right guy, cost zero! 600 acres, i have ground from F.C. and you do a shooting test and questions with them but this ground was from Scottishwoodlands and the way the guy was speaking it looks like they will all be going the same way, was just wondering if anybody else has encountered this?

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    I have heard nothing about any of the other companies following FC lead, I thought a couple of years ago they might start to follow suit but no sign of it yet. If Scottish woodlands have given you the lease free that might tell a tail in its self, but for you I guess it is worth jumping though the hoops for.

    I not sure but I think the FC have had to take a step back and you only have to be working towards you level two to join a syndicate on FC land, while two years ago you had to have your level 2 by the end of the year. Perhaps somebody with a FC lease could clarify?

    Well done on the lease.


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    Looking at the tender form the FC will let you into a syndicate with level 1 but you will have to be supervised by someone with level 2 or equivelant.

    I think this will come in with the new leases in April.


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    FC definately do a shooting test, my ranger was seriously quizzing me on general ecology?

    I was with Scottish Woodlands for many years and i never did or knew anyone who took a test, in actual fact i thought they were very remiss in some of the individuals who had the sporting rights.

    FC certainly in my area now require stalkers access to a trained dog within a given time window, and that the holder of the rights is L2 and any of the members up to a total of 4 have L2 underway and will complete in year.

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    Ian Ferguson of the FC seems to be pushing the testing system he has very close links with the DCS and it would be hypocritical if the DCS are pushing for tests for every one and the forestry commission as one of there partners were not.The other groups might have to follow suit but it is not willingly. But there grants come from the government through FC so if they put restrictions down then they will need to obey.
    I have ground with Scottish woodlands and have never had to sit any testing but i did show them insurance and my Lev 2. I am to pick up a further 90 acres that will take me to 400 ish acres and no charge.This is not deer management as is normally known this is killing deer.

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    Hi, thanks for the reply's, my mistake the land is owned by F.C. and is managed by Scottishwoodlands, had to go through the Test very like our DSC level 1, the chap from Scottiswoodlands that did the test has not yet passed his level 1&2 [felt sorry for him] but has been told he will be doing it very soon, he had the answers on a sheet of paper from F.C. i think the pass rate was 30 out of 50, i got 46 should have been more, just another job put onto him, i also have shot F.C. land/syndicate/lease, also Tilhil/syndicate/lease, i do hold my DSC1&2 which was through F.C. land which we leased a few years ago and had to do 1&2 to stay on lease[no longer have F.C. lease] the land i required the other day borders my estate where i shoot and have been after it for 18 months because every time i am out on my ground i see Roe's over the deer fence quite a lot, and the grass is always greener over the hill as they say! ps all Deer have to be classed as Vermin as tree damage was a big problem in this area, no tubes on tree,s and tree's approx 15" high.

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    Some times black lab deer fencing can actually be worse for tree damage if deer get in they tend to stay in and Christ they do some eating.Most areas i have seen with Deer fence have plenty of roe as they get in very easily. All the best with your new ground and keep at em.

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    I know what you mean about getting in! there is quite a high bank at some of the fenced area on the outside and have seen them going over into plantation, and as you say they do a lot of damage once there in, and if there's anybody in walking a dog you will see the Roe's running down the fence line in all directions,

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