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Thread: 25 cal - A complete package for sale that must be the BARGAIN of the year !

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    25 cal - A complete package for sale that must be the BARGAIN of the year !

    Winchester Featherweight 25WSSM rifle as new with original box and paperwork, fitted with a Weaver Grand Slam 6.5-20x40 scope which is in perfect condition. A Timney adjustable trigger is fitted with the Winchester original trigger in the Timney box

    I have fired about 300 shots with this rifle, all factory ammo, and there are still 200 rounds left from the 500 that I purchased with the rifle. I also have sufficient loading components and kit to keep most folk stalking and foxing for quite a few years.

    There is a full set of dies, nearly 3lbs of BLC2 and 1Kg of N540, approx. 300 once fired cases plus the remaining 200 factory rounds as well as about 300 new cases. There are also plenty of Nosler Ballistic Tips for both fox (approx. 550) and deer (approx. 275) as well as sundries such as brushes, mops, ammo boxes etc.

    At a reasonable estimate I feel you would pay about 2400 for the above if you went to a gunshop and bought the complete package new:-
    Rifle 850, fitted Timney Trigger 100, Scope & Rings 525, ammo 120, dies 80, powder 170, new cases 130, Nosler B/Tips 350 plus all the sundries such as cleaning kit, ammo boxes and primers etc, but hopefully they would give you a super 10% discount and make it a round 2200.

    So I reckon if I ask for 1100 it has to be a real bargain.

    Please Google "Winchester Featherweight 25WSSM" for pics on Google Images - there are lots of pics of similar rifles.

    If there is any particular aspect of my rifle you wish me to photograph please ask.

    The 25WSSM shoots approx. the same as the 25-06 but with a short action. This is my second 25WSSM and my 4th WSSM caliber rifle altogether. They are great calibers as are all the WSM’s and have had a bad press rather than bad performance.They don’t burn barrels if you use factory ammo or load sensible loads (the same as any other cal !) and generally they outperform their counterparts in terms of accuracy and they also seem to have an ability to shoot a wider range of bullet weights well.

    My reason for specifically choosing a WW 25WSSM rather than a 25-06 which is a caliber I have used for many years was because I lost the sight in my right eye due to an accident but am right handed. To shoot a long action from the right shoulder is fine for the first shot but a quick second shot often results in a bloody bridge to my nose. The short action wssm is great for me as are the WSMs.

    My first 25WSSM was a Browning and so another reason for this rifle was the fact it was a Winchester Featherweight - a lovely looking and very light rifle that can be carried all day without fatigue. The action is great with controlled feed and the 3 position safety I find the best of all.

    However age has caught up with me and I am weeding out rifles and reducing my shooting quite significantly so even though this has seen next to no use it is now on the ‘disposal’ list.

    Irrespective of your interest in purchasing this package if you would like a copy of an article or two on the virtues of the WSSM please PM me.
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