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Thread: Powder Clear out

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    Powder Clear out

    Having a good old clear out. Settled with my loads and calibres now, so some good bargains on part tubs of powder.

    Vit 140 830grams 40 SOLD
    Vit 550 500 g 30

    H 4831 SC 300 g 20 SOLD
    H380 300g 20 SOLD

    IMR 4895 360g 22 SOLD
    IMR 4320 200g 15
    IMR4007SCC 440g 30
    IMR 7828SSC 180g 15

    Accurate 4350 480g 30

    RL19 1lb Full tub 35 SOLD

    These are actual powder weights not weight of tub and powder.
    Powders cannot be posted, so must be done face to face. I live near Mildenhall but travel a lot around East Anglia. Will be heading over towards Derby direction next week if that helps anyone?
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    Hi can i have the h 4831 sc please

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    I'm interested in the N140 if you could drop it at an address in Derby? Would happily add a fiver for any extra hassle this causes you.

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    I will definitely take the 380 please and will also have the 140 if you are not able to sort out collection/delivery with Xavierdoc. Thanks, Glyn

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    pity your so far away, I would have taken the imr 4895.... unless your coming up to kelso fair?

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    Hi Spaniel

    Sorry I'm not going up to Kelso.
    If you know anyone from these parts who is then Ill be happy to help


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    I will be at the Gamekeepers Fair at Catton on the weekend if anybody is interested in any powder

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    What were you after Mad max? I will be down your way in a couple of weeks?

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    Still some powders available

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