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Thread: Why moderators?

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    Why moderators?

    I see a lot of questions and comparisons of sound suppressors here.

    I can understand it if one is hunting near residences and perhaps don't want to disturb anyone, or to be a bit low profile regarding the anti-hunting crowd. And it makes sense when trying to eradicate a pack of coyotes or wild pigs.

    How many are doing it to be polite, and how may for their own hearing?

    It seems to me that you give up a bit when you chop a .270 or 7x64 to 20 inches of barrel.

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    My Dad's shot for over 80 years with calibres ranging from .22 to field guns. He's as deaf as a post. I don't want to end up the same way. Regards JCS

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    I enjoy shooting with or without the mod. I love the feel of the unmoderated rifle and actually enjoy the recoil of my 30 06. But, I also enjoy the luxury of being able to keep the glass on the quarry after the shot which is not possible with an unmoderated rifle of medium or big calibre. Of course there are places where you are not encouraged to shoot without a moderator due to "noise nuisance"!

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    It helps reduce the recoil on my .270 and saves having to wear ear protection whilst out in the field.
    Also it makes it less intrusive to my neighbours.

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    Hi there

    Mods are one of those things that went from virtually impossible to get to something that gets sanctioned without question. I think originally the licencing authorities had little option after Health and Safety legislation made it difficult to refuse and since then the market has grown.

    In terms of usage I think there are many advantages - only one of which is hearing protection - I've certainly found that the use of a mod has enabled me to always sight the point of impact of a shot which is alway useful and I think that is a function of both the reduced report and reduced recoil. I would also say that the lack of muzzle blast and flash means that you often get a pop at a second beast (and you mention this with pig and coyotes hunts) as there is a reduced awareness of where the shot came from.

    Discussing chopping a barrel is always a good one to get the popcorn out for but I think that most would agree that there is no difference in the lethality of deer legal calibres at normal UK stalking distances when you have a shortened barrel. I have a 7mm08 with an 18" barrel and I cant remember when I last shot a deer beyond 130m. For all practical purposes it make little difference ballistically but does make for a much more usable rifle in a woodland stalking environment.

    I suspect that some will agree with the above and some may not.

    Hope that helps


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    There is nothing worse of sitting inside a vehicle when the lad next to you is using an un moderated rifle , mates .243 has my ears ringing when we are out lamping to the point I have started wearing ear plugs for my own safety , Also (picture the scenario) 0300 your out with the lamp doing pest control on a tranquil but very echoey valley and you let of a shot without a mod , the echo of that shot will not just alert the neighbours but also make every quarry from miles around go to ground meaning your probably only gonna get one shot of that night. Even with an unmoderated .22 you could scare the crap out of a field of rabbits and not see another one for ages, Where with the Mod's the shock wave of sound is suppressed enough not to travel any great distance, in fact, even with the .270 it is barely heard even in the most echoey of valleys (Glens).. When applying for all my calibers my local copper actually asked if I needed moderators on them and I said yerp on all of them.

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    Mods are one of those things that went from virtually impossible to get to something that gets sanctioned without question. I think originally the licencing authorities had little option after Health and Safety legislation made it difficult to refuse and since then the market has grown.
    Yes. When I started shooting it was quite difficult to obtain a permission to acquire a moderator from the police. Indeed if you had a rifle simply for target shooting on a range, outdoor OR INDOOR, quite simply you would not be allowed that permission.

    Nowadays as the earlier contributor says most police forces, if you have NOT put down for a moderator, ask if you want one for any stalking rifle. Hearing damage is the reason.

    But I don't use one on my stalking rifles and wouldn't ever want to. But for some they are in fact essential if "hunting" in areas close to public access (that's most of the UK actually) and if lamping at night for foxes so as to avoid literally "frightening the horses" and metaphorically "frightening the natives".

    The quick second shot argument of course also depends on the rifle calibre and the 'scope that is fitted to it. So with a magnification of 4x or a 3x (there are still some that use them) then even with a recoil you should still have a sight picture.

    I don't like them but do accept that there are many who MUST use them because of where they shoot and when they shoot. And others for whom they are no more nor less than a tool to do a job more efficiently.

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    I still find the noise of a full bore 308-3006 or bigger cartridge intrusive even WITH a moderator and it leaves my ears ringing

    moderators are not a replacement for ear plugs/muffs

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    Eh......what ya say......speak up sonny

    To help my hearing is one reason but as bewsher has said it is no replacement for proper hearing protection.I also like it because you never know what might be stood round the corner or over the hill that you may have had a chance to bag

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    I like the sound of an un moderated rifle, but I wouldn't do anything more than a couple of shots without one, Part of the day for me , listening to neighbours having a pop too.
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