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Thread: Nightforce atacr moar for paper punching

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    Nightforce atacr moar for paper punching

    I have recently sold my nxs npr2 8-32x56 and am awaiting an atacr moar coming the end of the month,my rfd kindly gave me a loan
    of his own nxs 5.5-22 moar for a few weeks until the atacr comes in.I was out at the weekend doing a bit of target and steel shooting
    and I got a fair surprise how much thicker the .140 subtensions onthe moar was in reality.
    I am not sure if was the thicker subtensions orthe less zoom or a mixture that made things so different.Those of you out there with atacr moar how do you find it for shooting really precise groups at 100 - 200yards

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    just to update this,i emailed nightforce and they informed me the subtensions of the moar on an atacr are different than an moar on nxs apparently

    nxs 5.5-22x56 moar subtensions (crosshairs) are .140 moa
    atacr moar .10 moa

    if this is correct hopefully I wont have an issue

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