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Thread: For Sale 12B SxS DTNE 30" barrels Cogswell & Harri

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    For Sale 12B SxS DTNE 30" barrels Cogswell & Harri

    Has blacked action and been re-barreled by Gallyon & Sons of Cambridge at some point. Straight hand stock LOP to front trigger is 14" and 13 1/4" to rear trigger. The gun has 2 1/2" chambers weight 6lbs 11 oz.

    What I would call a keepers gun and wood is fairly plain. Not sure of the choke but I will get them checked.

    There is some rust pitting near the muzzles on the outside of the barrels. Both there when it was purchased. It's tight on the face and was serviced when brought some years back. I have fired about 200 cartridges through it since then maybe even less so I just don't use it much hence:- and on the trigger guard.

    225 Certificate Holders only and I am in Lincolnshire

    Edit:- Chamber length and weight.

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    Hmmm No interest

    So how about 200

    If not I will try guntrader .

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