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Thread: broke my 4x4

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    broke my 4x4

    Out lamping tonite, drove to several places and got out and lamped on foot, headed for next spot and driving through a field knew there can be a wettish spot, bloody went right down, rocked it back n forth a little, enough to get some branches and rotten branches to put in the ruts, I didnt think she was going to come out, tried a several times in 4w low keeping an eye on the temperature, somehow she came out forward to my surprise, keep her going and onto firm ground to notice oil light was on, we got out of the field onto farm yard, pulled the light to light up interior and it broke on me, I had to hold the switch to drive home,dash board and main lights going on and off on every bump, oil light going on and off, It was a 15 minute drive home and begining to make horrible noises, after I dropped my mate off I had to go up a steepish hill which it barely made it up in first gear, 2 min drive from there and it sounded like a jack hammer, pulled up outside home and its just about dead,am dreading tomorrow morning, not sure how I am getting to work yet and ive a delivery first thing, what a ***** end to the day
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    Ive been hearing a knocking noise for ages thinking big end is going, think I finished that off, the gearbox too in 4w low and something else due to low to no oil pressure, it was showing some pressure, was hard to tell what was what because of dash lights going on and off. Been trying to save up for another scope, am gutted

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    I cant find the crying smiley.....
    Atb to the 4x4!
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Oh no !
    What is it ?
    If you are after another drop me a line I have family in car sales and a few pals that are breakers

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    Won't be a Land-Rover. Surely??

    Been there and got the clutch manufacturer's T-shirt. Reason I will never again be without a winch.

    Hope you get it sorted ASAP and at least cost.



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    It was a frontera sport, gone well past sensible repair costs, its a ideal shooting vehicle epecially as the roof comes off and on in a few seconds, sit up the back and shoot off a short bipod when harvesting has been done, sort of a portable highseat.

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    Just checked it out, did sound like a tappet had come adrift so I let it run to warm up to check it didnt over heat and I had oil pressure, once just up past running temo oil light started flashing then stayed on, texted my mechanic mate symtoms and he said oil coming on is due to big end gone

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    If no damage to shaft a set of big end shells will not set you back too much, what engine you got in it 2.8 diesel if it is should be same engine as old Isuzu if it is you should not need to take engine out just drop sump to replace them, if that is the case its not too big a job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swarovski View Post
    Its 2.0i petrol
    Buxxer don't know if it can be done in situ or not.

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