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Thread: Feeding duck ponds

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    Feeding duck ponds

    So just wondering any of you guys have experience feeding duck ponds for flighting? I have
    acress to 3/4 ponds that are no longer used for flighting. Wild mallard and teal still frequent the ponds on a regular bases. Do you just chuck grain straight into the pond or do you put feeders around the ponds? Also does anyone have experience releasing ducks onto the pond? How do you go about it? Sorry for all the questions just this is a little new to me.

    thanks in advance


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    Feeders around the pond, and/or rafts can be good. Important to create bays for multiple territories and somewhere to cover from predators.
    BASC, as I recall, do a .pdf on this I think. Good luck with this, very enjoyable - just remember they are greedy buggers!
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    Feed in the water for wild ducks. If your releasing ducks you want to feed them away from the water otherwise all the wild ducks will eat it all and all fly off together !

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    There's a few old threads on this if you do a search and can find them.

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    Hi sounds like potentially a real nice set up

    If it was me though no way would I "ruin" it by releasing duck if you have the "real" thing coming on.

    We feed round the edge and in the margins - every couple of days to try make sure its the ducks eating it and not the local vermin.

    Its also very important to keep on top of your vermin as they love duck eggs and ducklings and will sit and watch flight ponds all day - a nice island or too also pays dividends to allow quiet for nesting

    Good luck and with a bit of work you will have some of the best sport there is !

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