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Thread: Why Didn't Ipull the trigger

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    Why Didn't Ipull the trigger

    A question for you.Something to think about.
    Yesterday due to the weather conditions we cancelled our shoot. I decided to go and fill all the feeders anyway. I took my rifle with me just in case the oportunity arrived for a shot in the shape of a fox or a Roe.
    Driving across our shoot I spotted three roe about 150 yds away. Got out of the motor, set myself up on the bonnet pushed a round up the spout. Perfectly safe back drop. Three beasts (big doe and two very well grown kids, due to all the pheasant feed they have eaten). All standing side on for a perfect shot. Everything safe, easy shot.
    So why didn't I take the shot?????
    Best Regards

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    A stray parachutist landed between you and the roe

    Suffering from bad flatulence you were afraid the shot may be pulled

    Give us a clue


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    150yds is a long drag in two feet of snow with a frozen river in between!!! There is a lot of ground in 150yds if the conditions are not right. Or plodd is coming up the road behind you.


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    A pang of guilt Alan!

    I think they were watching you and due to you not stalking in and being visible to them, that a conscience came over you.

    You would have shot 1, perhaps all 3, but they are suffering with the inability to feed in our area, so you spared them.

    What a nice man

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    The absence of fair chase?

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    You give me too much credit, but thanks.
    Jimbo123 is on the right trail

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    With that clue, I would say it on the otherside of a deep gulley.


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    Deep burns / gullys are no obstacle to Griff & flyboy270!

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    you forgot either the rifle bolt or ammo

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    Public highway and a car/witnesses coming, by any chance.

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