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Thread: carving on stocks???

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    carving on stocks???

    Hey folks,
    Anyone have guns with carvings on/in the wood? How are they finished and how do you care for them. I have a real nice ruger 77 that someone foolishly thought it'd look cool with a wild boar carved in the buttstock.... the image of the hog is not that bad but still a pretty goofy idea and they left it at the carving without any treatment. Wondering what is the best way to protect it and make it a little more bearable so any tips are appreciated.

    Was thinking just tosand/smooth the wood real nice then give a couple or three coats of varathane (polyurethane?) which is a nice weatherproof approach but I don't know what it would do in the carved area and once it's there it's too late. So maybe something else would be better. Just want it to look nice and be protected. It's not a family hierloom or anything, just an old but hardly used rifle. Thanks....

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    depends where and the size and depth of the piggy ,dress it out and re shape or fit a patch pocket let the dog chew it then have a go at a restock

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    I picked up a nice commercial Mauser stock for a 308 I was building for $5 because of some bad art work. In this case I was able to sand it off. I still own the rifle. If the carving is too deep, you can fill it with accraglass, sand it flush and paint it with one of the many textured paints available. I did this to a .223 and it turned out well.~Muir

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    Morgen! I think that sourcing a used or even a taken off unused Ruger 77 stock would be the answer. OTH some people like all that sort of thing in Germany? Stags, acorns, oak leaves and all of that? Not my taste but there are pages of it in old Frankonia catalogues.

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    Varnish it to weather proof and get a nice leather cuff to smooth it out for appearance and mount would me by choice I think...

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    I say embrace the carving! Enamel the concave parts or paint them as colourfully as possible. Be proud of your wooden adornments and dare the rest of the world to pass judgement!

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    The ONLY thing to be carved on a gunstock is the makerís initials beneath recoil pad.


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    Quote Originally Posted by palmer_mike View Post
    Anything like this?

    Go on daven post up some pics!
    not quite as much but as deep or deeper.... I'll post pics when I can get to the safe... Kinda in a construction site right now.... Maybe it ain't all that bad, I just caught a quick look at it...

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    Do you have a picture ? We can then decide if its good or bad

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