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Thread: Clegs and rabbit fleas

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    Clegs and rabbit fleas

    Are these transmissible to dogs?
    Also are the anti flea spot ons for dogs protective against ticks and Clegs ? Any info or links appreciated.

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    Cleggs will bite anything with blood in it. (the lesser clegg, Cleggus niccus is however, too feeble to bite) although I've not heard of dogs being bitten - I suspect thick coats prevent them. Rabbit fleaswill attach to ears, especially cat, but they don't stay on very long.
    There is no point in using a spot on for cleggs, they'll just be shaken off. Advantix and Activyl work for ticks as do some other products - best ask your vet for what works best around you. Rabbit fleas as they are on the ears get such a low amount of drug that they are rarely affected.

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