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Thread: Why Didn't I pull the trigger (part 2)

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    Why Didn't I pull the trigger (part 2)

    If the answer evades you. I will explain on Tuesday

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    You were abducted by martians and wont be back till tuesday

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    Was it any of the below

    1 You were using home loads and suddenly realised you had forgot to put the powder in

    2 You had already bagged six and had no room left in the land rover

    3 You had imposed a cold weather shooting ban upon yourself

    4 You only had 2 bullets left and didnt want to leave one

    5 You had left the lens caps on the scope

    6 There was a cleaning rod stuck in the barrel

    7 The safety was stuck

    8 Ice in the barrel

    9 you realised your rent renewal was over due

    10 Your wife was in the vehicle and said if you pull the trigger on those deer you would have to do it by yourself

    11 You realised 150 yards was a bit to far

    12 You had chambered a round from another calibre

    13 You realised you had left your grallock knife behind

    14 Your game dealer is shut down due to bad weather

    15 No room left in your freezer

    16 Snow blindness

    17 you have become a tree hugger

    18 The grounds owner was watching and you didnt want to cock it up

    19 You remembered you dont shoot on days that end in a y

    20 you only have permission to shoot fallow

    21 It isnt your ground

    22 You only have permission for vermin

    23 Couldnt make your mind up which to shoot first

    24 You remembered you hadnt zerowed your rifle

    25 Maybe it wasnt even your rifle

    26 Your flo had forgotten to add deer to your fac

    27 You dont like the taste of venison

    28 A plane flew overhead and they ran off

    29 You were not wearing your lucky snow camo boxers

    30 You were by yourself and realised no one would believe that you had shot them

    31 The kids were in the car shouting dads a murderer

    32 The wife said if you shoot and there would never be any kids

    33 The wife said one shot and its no shooting for a month

    34 The roe were the owners pets that had escapped

    35 Your insurance had ran out

    36 You had never seen a roe before and wanted to keep them

    35 You were saving them for a site member

    36 You had sprained your trigger finger

    37 You didnt want blood to spoil the snow

    38 You realised you had a flat tyre

    39 You were cocerned about a possible richoshet off the ice


    41 I know what it was. you realised you hadnt sent me that pm inviting me up to shoot them for you

    Whats the prize anyway

    Sorry just passing the time until i go stalking i will leave you in peace

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    I like the alien abduction theory myself

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    42. a pixe was dancing on your barrel and put you off
    43. the deer did a dramatic look a bit like this (turn up sound)

    44. you realised you were missing countryfile
    45. you were tripping on acid and they wernt really there
    46. the deer took off just as you were about to pull the trigger
    47. they where white and you never saw them till it was to late
    48. you thought "i know if i dont shoot i can put a thread up about it"
    49. you were having a w@nk
    50. badgers were riding them like ponys and you didnt want to risk hitting them by accident

    now who will take it up to 60

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    51.It was all just a craaaaaazy dream.

    52.they were on adjacent land. dont have deer on your ticket. thought you wre fishing.

    55.Incorrect caliber to hand.

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    56. The Bolt was not in the rifle
    57. The scope had just been knocked off the rifle
    58. The barrel was plugged
    59. Your reload fouled in the chamber and couldn't be fired
    60. A hill walker was taking snaps in the background

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    61. It was out of season

    62. You fancied it

    63. You suddenly thought 'hey, I got a great idea for a forum post'

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    Amazing just amazing.
    The imagination of you lot is just bloody amazing.
    Nothing as tricky as any in the list, but it was...................

    Tell you on Tuesday.

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    thanks alan i guess we will C U Next Tuesday i just love susspence
    64. your blind

    65. your phone rang

    66. they were wearing leauge against crule sports issue bullet proof vests

    67. your scared of recoil

    68. you got emotional

    69. this is far to disgusting to post

    70. a ramdom motor cycleist was doing a wheelie in-front of them

    71. the keeper was chasing you at the time

    72. you are suffering from explosive dioreha and just couldnt risk all that moving about

    73. you were to busy looking at the stalking directory on your mobile internet phone

    74. you didnt want to blow your cover and as we all know that your a mi5 agent and you were watching bin-laden at the time

    75. elvis presley was feeding them

    76. really you just missed and this whole post has gone a bit to far

    78. you have a really weird condition which means you can only shoot deer on a tuesday

    79. the deer looked like they might shoot back if you shot at them

    80. celebrity big brother was on and you were dying to get back and see it

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