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    Hello folks!
    I'm a new member from Turkey.
    I'm interested in stalking or driven hunt for boar rather than deer. The motivation for me is that because we have enough boar here in Turkey but red deer and roe is under protection. (There are very strict regulations on red deer and roe deer hunting, and it is permitted only under certain conditions with very high fees. )
    I use a 12 ga semi-auto slug barrel shotgun in boar hunting, because rifles have very high taxation and weird regulations on them, here in Turkey. I'd love to have a .308 but it seems currently impossible.
    I look forward to share something about boars and boar huntings with you guys.

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    Welcome Oakenshield. I am sure you will share some interesting experiences with us, and learn plenty about our approach over here.


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    Hi and welcome, Boar in this country are either escapees from farms or in some cases maybe illegal introductions
    though they have now become established in some areas, opinions differ some would like to see them expand their range and would like close seasons established for them, at the moment there are none, others would like to see them completely eradicated mainly due to the damage they can do to agricultural land.

    In this country we have no driven hunting for big game, while not actually illegal it just isn't done, likewise shotguns are illegal for big game except in exceptional circumstances, usually only where it would be unsafe to use a rifle,and where it was necessary for the protection of foodstuffs, or for humane dispatch etc.

    So hunting of Deer or Boar here is either by stalking or from a high-seat.

    However there are plenty people on here who hunt Boar both in this country and go driven hunting abroad for them.

    Sure you will find enough people with similar interests to yourself on here, enjoy.

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    hi and welcome to sd all the very best.

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    Welcome to the sight

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