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Thread: ASE SL5 or ATEC Maxim for my new Sako .308

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    ASE SL5 or ATEC Maxim for my new Sako .308

    I can't decide between these 2 mods for my new rifle. I've just got a Sako A7 stainless in 308 and have mounted a Z6 3-18x50. So i'm now in the market for a new moderator.

    I'm not too concerned with finding the most efficient mod with respect to noise reduction. It only needs to take the edge off a bit and i'll be happy! More important to me is weight/length. This setup seems to be fairly light and i'd like to keep it that way. I've used a T8 and a Wildcat (predator 8 i think?) before and they really do add a fair bit of weight. My dad has an ASE mod on his 308 - I was convinced it was a SL5 but it seems to be bigger than the ASE website specifications suggest it should be?!!

    What are your opinions on the ASE & ATEC? Are there any other options i should be looking at?

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    i have ase s/s .25 good mod short and dumpy but heavy i think its sl5 cheers doug,

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    ASE SL5. Great mods

    Your dads mod is most likely the ASE S5 which is bigger and heavier than the SL5


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    i had an ase s5 on my 25-06 to heavy added a hardy and was happy happy with the move, now also added on to the sako 75 6.5x47 and will be on the sako 85 .308

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    I have both, and they are both very good. I would have the maxim on a stalker.

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    Hi there, My S5 is on my T3 Varmint so adds to the overall weight, but for stalking I complimented My T3 light swede with the alloy A-Tec. I am very happy with it so far and no problems what ever.

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    SL5 for me on my .308 nice and small and lighter than the S5 i used to have.

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    I should perhaps have said that it's going to be purely a stalking setup.

    That makes sense about the ASE S5 vs the SL5. That'll be what it is.

    Are there any additional advantages to a moderator that extends back over the barrel? I understand that weight will distributed rear of the muzzle and perhaps length forward of the muzzle can be reduced (but in this case, the Maxim doesn't have an overall rifle length advantage). It seems to me that an over-barrel mod would be stronger but i can't really see why.

    From the comments so far, it seems the SL5 is thought of as relatively heavy? The Maxim is marginally lighter on paper but perhaps it would feel lighter because weight distribution is back over the barrel?

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    The new A-Tec maxim carbon is very well made and light,but you need to sell a kidney first! I went for the Hardy
    for my 30.06.

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