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Thread: falcon menace 6-18x56

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    falcon menace 6-18x56

    Hi all,there is some small marks on the body, turrets and side wheel focus showing signs of wear where is rubbed off on my clothing, this scope has dispatched alot, even crows and pigeons out to 500yds, its just been back to falcon to be checked out , your weAttachment 39415come to ring falcon optics to confirm what ive said, it is a great scope for the money,recticle is enhanced mildot I think, milrad 1 cm clicks,30mm tube, its quite a chunky scope,if buyer isnt happy with it post it back and I will refund your money providing its in the same condition as I sold it,150 inc pnpAttachment 39414Attachment 39414
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    I bought one of these a couple of years ago for my .308 target rifle.

    I intended it to be a stop-gap until I saved up enough pennies to buy a fancier one, but having tried it for a while I have been surprised by how good it is. I'm still using it over 2 years later and haven't any plans to change it any time soon. To my eyes, the glass is easily as good as some scopes costing twice the price and it has held zero perfectly.

    Great scope, easily worth the asking price.

    Just makes me wonder if I can justify a second one...

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    No doubt about it digger it is a great scope, am considering putting on my 308 and see if its ok and put my mk4 on my 6.5 06, i do want another mk4 or even a nightforce, but as ive got the problem of my 4x4 is scrap as I broke it getting out a wet muddy spot tuesday gone, its buggered my plans
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    Final bump, it will be going on my 22 rimmy

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