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Thread: Hunting from helicopters

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    Hunting from helicopters

    Here are some guys on the other side of the world that could do with our help.

    They are fighting against very dubious hunting proposals being put forward by their so called Department of Conservation (DOC).I cannot think believe any responsible stalker would support these proposals - more suited to unethical killers.

    A few minutes sending an email as an existing hunting "tourist " or as a potential may help out.

    See below for fuller details and suggestions enclosed in an email just sent to me.


    Sent: Sun, 10 January, 2010 4:49:17
    Subject: Helicopter-hunting of tahr and chamois in NZ will start in February!

    Hi all

    Firstly, thank you for signing the petition Please continue to encourage your friends to sign, this may be an ongoing battle.

    An update on heli-hunting in NZ. A group made up of concerned hunting guides and representatives from the New Zealand Deerstalkers Association recently arranged a meeting with Mike Cuddihy. Mike (to whom I presented the petition) is the DOC conservator who wants to issue heli-hunting concessions. We meet for 5hrs and Mike listened to our concerns. BUT it seems we are fast approaching the deadline of February 19 2010 and NZ is on course to allow for this ridiculous activity which has become known as "heli-hunting."

    The below quotes from the NZ department of conservation website, things are not looking good.

    “The activity generally involves the helicopter being used to search for and find the trophy, to position the hunter on the ground and, if necessary, the helicopter prevents the animal from escaping until it is shot by the hunter. The helicopter then recovers the hunter and the trophy.”

    ‘From 5 February until 19 February we will work to put in place a “way of operating” for heli-hunting for the 2010 season. A season of 19th February 2010 to 30th September 2010.’

    From March 2010 a public submission process will begin. Even though this process has not even started and no operator holds a concession to do this activity the department of conservation wants to open up heli-hunting in 2010.

    Please help us stop this. If DOC issues a way of operating for 2010 it will be the first time heli-hunting has been legal in NZ and it will pave the way for issuing heli-hunting concessions across public conservation land.

    Doc has left one last lifeline by way of an online feedback form. Please click this link.

    Scroll half way down the page and find the text Online feedback form click the text and send in your thoughts.

    Some points you may want to include are listed below. The main point is.

    “I do not want heli-hunting in NZ and I do not want to see a way of operating for 2010” Include where you’re from and a reason for being against heli-hunting if you can.


    -Is extremely cruel as animals are chased to exhaustion.

    -Is extremely unethical and portrays NZ in a poor light and will chase away far more hunting business than it will attract, it will destroy NZ as a quality hunting destination.

    -Has no conservation benefits whatsoever

    -Does not occur in any other country in the OECD

    -Animals taken in this manner are not recognized by any major hunting organization

    -Will destroy our sustainable population of bull tahr and chamois.

    -Has killed 2 clients in recent years

    -Will benefit a handful of operators to the detriment of all kiwis who public conservation land belongs to.

    -Wealthy overseas tourists have the option of private land or game parks.

    The department of conservation is also trying to change the Mt Cook National Management park plan to allow for heli-hunting. Please click this link an send in your thoughts to the email address provided at the bottom of the page.

    Main point is “No heli-hunting in Mt Cook National Park, leave the park management plan as it is.”

    Quote this point from the park plan if you want to

    4.3.3(c) No approval should be given that would increase aircraft activity or aircraft noise within the


    My apology for sending a 'bulk email.' I realise people are sensitive about their email address only the 20-30 people above will view your email address.
    (Deleted by me)

    If you want to contact me please feel free to reply to this email.


    Chris McCarthy.

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    Hi Bob

    The post above and links seem contradictory in parts..

    A hunter being dropped off by helicopter having spotted the quarry to hunt and then on being succesfull both he and the quarry are again extracted by chopper ..

    Surely there is no problem with that if the chopper has played no part in the hunt other than been used to cover many thousands of acres in aid of spotting the animals..

    Different story using the chopper to run down the quarry or shooting from a moving chopper..


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    This is off the fishnhunt site I also go on quite a bit, as I understand it there are already a group of "unethical" hunters operating that basically fly around until they spot the Tahr, they are either shot from the chopper or a handy drop, the shot animals are often left or maybe the head will be taken if it's possible or worth the effort.
    What also tends to happen also is just big trophy heads are taken and not the nannies or immature Bulls that need culling, so an imbalance occurs.
    The choppers when used properly fly in the hunters to a remote hut then pick them up a few days later is not the issue as far as I can make out.

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    I can see an opportunity opening up for heli-hunting, meaning the helo being the quarry! 8)

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    No real world stalker/hunter could be forgiven for this sort of rubbish, Only one exemption I can think of is transporting a disabled hunter to within a reasonable distance, without herding of the animal by aircraft.

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    Some of the remote areas are just not accessable by any other means Steve, what most guys do is club together to get a flight into an area then stalk it up in the traditional manner, and are picked up a week or so later, minimal disturbance.
    However if these clowns who heli hunt areabout they literally fly up and down the gulleys disturbing everything that breathes you have no chance really is incredably bad form.
    The main clients are the fat arse yanks and Europeans that can't be bothered to walk more than 10 yards t a 4x4 then it drops them of at the heli pad The type you saw on the canned hunt documentries, not hunters at all in my humble opinion.

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    I agree with and have done it myself with being transported into an area by chopper and spending a few days stalking before being lifted out. When time is short and it's maybe a 3-4 day walk into an area and the same to come out. If animals are spotted on the fly in route then so be it so long as the fly in is not used as as excuse to search the ground as this disturbs it for both you and any other people who may be using the area.

    What I, (as a tourist), and most of the New Zealand hunters object to is where chopper is used to find animals, (they disturb many to find a trophy), often shooting from the chopper or chasing the animal into a suitable position where it will stand long enough for the "hunter" to be dropped off and shoot it. This often means chasing the animal to the point of exhaustion as it is difficult to get them to stand with a helicopter landing nearby. The other animals in the herd suffer as well.

    Additionally if you have walked into an area and spent several days locating an animal and trying to get a shot you can get quite pissed off if a chopper comes in and spooks it or shoots it leaving you with nothing to do but turn round and walk out again.

    You may agree or not but if you do a few minutes to send an email may help out.


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    I have to say that stopping DOC from making it legal for tourists to hunt from helicopters will not save many animals, as you guys probably know they are all ready dropping 1080 to poison as many big game animals as they can. They are also issuing permits to contract cullers to shoot from helicopters about a year ago they shot 700/800 Tahr to try and keep them into the DOC designated range.

    That aside I will support this campaign to stop hunting from choppers if you are going to shoot big game then you should stalk it “fair chase” other wise you have not earned to right to harvest that animal IMO.

    I too have used choppers to get into the back country, it does save a lot of time although I have back packed in also, one trip involved 18 river crossings, the temp’ was -15 at night.

    Using a Chopper to “spot and drop” is illegal in NZ at the minute, if you see some animals while you are being taken to you hunting location I guess that maybe OK to then hunt them. But flying round looking for them then getting out the chopper to shoot them is a no no.

    A couple of photos for those that have never been there.

    Alan’s Hunt and fish site is a great one, shame I don’t have time to get on there much now days.



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    I agree, good photos Tahr. Will be over in April D.V.

    Here's to a better New Year


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    Would there be an issue if it was culling chavs from heli's

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