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Thread: Tooley Custom Rifle

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    Tooley Custom Rifle

    HDave Tooley Custom .308

    Blue printed Remington 700 action
    Fluted 19" 1-10" twist #5 taper match grade s/s barrel (blacked) threaded 5/8 x 18 UNF with nylon thread protctor
    Fluted and lightened bolt
    Jewell trigger set at 2lb
    Pillar bedded into a McMillan stock:
    This stock has a semi-beavertail forend. It has a Monte Carlo comb, but no cheekpiece, allowing it to be shot right or left-handed. This stock is one of the more popular stocks in the McMillan line and will accept up to #8 barrel contour. Available in right and left hand. Color shown, 70% turquoise 30% white marble.

    This rifle is 1/2moa and better in the right hands and has probably shot 500 rounds and always cleaned after 30 rounds.
    My loads are: 125gr Sierra Spitzer over 48gr H4895 @ 3078fps and 150gr Sierra Spitzer over 44.5gr H4895 @ 2869fps

    This rifle comes with:k
    Redding Deluxe die set: FL, NS & Seating die. All fire formed brass and 100 new cases + any rounds that I have left. Leupold quick release rings & mounts. Muzzle Brake.
    Brand new Yukon 7x50 Iluminated scope. Leather sling.

    You can try before you buy if you wish.

    £1,350.00 F to F or RFD at your cost

    Thank you for looking.

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